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La Chute River Paddle ~ Jul 21, 2016

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

This was our second LaChute River / Lake Champlain outing and it offered a number of folks an opportunity they missed last year. At 8.15, WCMC was hopping with activity as Canes flocked around Peter's trailer loading boats, somewhat reminiscent of our recent trips to Santanoni though Peter surprisingly didn't attract as many flies as the horses did. The weather was perfect with only a few clouds and a light, warm breeze. After a scenic one hour drive and our usual just-in-time pit stop at the Ti McDonalds, we arrived at the put-in, located at the rec area adjacent to Bicentennial Park in Greater Metropolitan Ticonderoga. Asking about the falls next to the put-in, some of our first-time LaChute paddlers were slightly unnerved when the response to their questions was "Better start thinking like a salmon!" Soon we began paddling the two easy downstream miles to Lake Champlain and another three tenths of a mile on the lake to the end of Ticonderoga Point whereupon Fort Ticonderoga is located. In such a historic area it is difficult not to find oneself occasionally daydreaming about people and unrest at this place during the nearly 200 years subsequent to Samuel De Champlain's passage through the area in the summer of 1609.

Ticonderoga Point was the place to gather and consider options. Were wind and waves okay for paddling the next mile and a half north to the ferry landing? Should we tuck our tails between our legs and head back inland? Would we, as planned, split the group into a party heading to the ferry landing a mile and a half north and an A-TEAM! party heading back up the La Chute to explore the marshes?

Wind on the lake was a bit stronger than in the river but the waves manageable, so the decision for ten out of eighteen paddlers to continue north was pretty easy, though the return uncertain, as the wind was ominously increasing and the quartering waves had our attention. The river and lake level, roughly a couple feet lower than for last year made only a little difference in paddling the river and lake. On the lake, we paddled along the scenic western shoreline with its scenic views of Vermont to the east. Pretty clouds and active osprey held our attention. A lot of milfoil grabbed at our paddles and we passed rocks that last year were submerged. With the wind at our backs, it was easy going to the ferry landing.

Those who returned to the marshes and set backs thought the water level little lower than optimal but acceptable as they made their way, spotting many turtles and birds, including quite a few blue herons, a green herron (I'm soooo jealous I did not see it!), ospreys (including some diving for fish very near our boats), kingfishers and red wing blackbirds. The Ningbo Dragon had eyes peeled for coveted Ningbo sightings but sadly no ducks were found where last year they were plentiful for the quick who have eyes that miss nothing!

Lunch at the ferry landing, where there is also a VERY busy boat launch, was casual for the ten making the trip north and afterward it was time to decide if we should paddle back to the put-in or fetch cars using the vehicle we had spotted at the ferry landing "just in case." The breeze had picked up quite a bit, so what the quartering waves might be like for the half mile beyond the jetty just to our south received due consideration. Probably do-able for most, but hard work for all and we chose to hedge our bet and go get cars.

Back at the put-in, most everyone in the two groups rendezvoused, a few having returned and left a short while before. It was getting pretty warm and loading boats made it seem downright hot so discussion quickly turned to swimming holes and ice cream.

Another great day in Ticonderoga, thanks to: Linda & Peter, Barbara & Rich, Diane & Kurt, another Barbara, two more Lindas, two Cathys, Joanne, Margie, Jo Ellen, Joy, Lynne (first CC Outing!), Fran, and Gail.

7/24/16 - Margie Litwin added 2 photos. 7/25/16 - Lynne Oddo added 3 photos. 7/26/16 - Barbara Zuccarro added 9 photos. 7/29/16 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

28 photos

Last falls on the La Chute. "Was that 'think like a salmon' thing serious?"

Huge old beaver lodge guarding the entrance to the La Chute river.

Fran, the sky and the water. What a perfect day.

Brilliant cardinal flower spikes graced the shores of the river. - added by Margie

Pretty, but is this an invasive loosestrife? - added by Margie

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Rich is ready to head down the LaChute River - added by Barbara

Peaceful kayak down the LaChute River. - added by Barbara

Kurt the leader of the trip. - added by Barbara

Fort Ti - added by Barbara

Decision Time - who were going forward, who were going back up the LaChute and who were exploring the Marshes. - added by Barbara

We spotted a Herron and Margie in one of the Marshes! - added by Barbara

Bird well camouflaged in the Marsh - added by Barbara

Interesting Pole at the Bicentennial Park. The words written are: Truth, Eternal Vigilence, Liberty, Union, and Equal Justice. - added by Barbara

Photo added by Barbara

Pleasure paddlers or an attacking force to be reckoned with? - added by Wanderer

Looking towards Mt Defiance - added by Wanderer

Turtle enjoying some summer sun - added by Wanderer

Heron posing for a picture. The marsh contained many herons, including adults and their offspring. Most appeared to be very successful at fishing but a bit skittish when you tried to get close. - added by Wanderer

A "tagged" boxcar passing by the marsh - added by Wanderer

Approaching the Kissing Bridge - another year goes by and still no kiss. Notice Linda's "floating" paddle technique - it takes a little practice. - added by Wanderer

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