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Pyramid Life Center Bonus Outing ~ Jun 12, 2017

Journal entry by Margie Litwin

On a hot humid day 9 headed north to inviting solitude as guests of Pyramid Life Center. The hot asphalt highways gave way to the narrow dirt entrance lane, trees joining overhead to provide welcome cooling. Smiles of approval told of the first glimpses of this special haven. A leisurely paddle led to the shelter of the island, resting before heading through welcoming breezes to the far shore, a lone loon silently checking us out from our port side. 

Boats safely stowed, a wooden sign summoned the group to a short .63 mile hike to Crane Pond. We headed along a gently winding, nearly flat wooded path -"short and sweet" or was it "swat and Deet!" Mercifully, repellants discouraged most of the assailants, which were soon forgotten as the trees gave way to a lovely sandy campsite on the shore. The view of the sparkling water and hills provided a backdrop for extended conversation as we perched on the waterfront ledges.

A comment was heard that the only things missing were tent and sleeping bag as we bid goodbye to the perfect pondside campsite. We soon arrived at the trailhead and gradually relaunched, all agreeing on a longer return route to circumvent the island and witness more of the peaceful seclusion of the property. 

Once on land, the treehouse gazebo beckoned for a cooldown treat of ice pops while listening to the stream tumbling below. The freshingly cool water was irresistible for 2 swimmers.  A short tour then revealed historic maps and photos in the lodge as well as a stop in the quiet meditation roost, strolling along the former stagecoach route which had led to Schroon Lake and admiring the inviting seclusion of the Wolf's Den. One last stop ended the day beside the frothy white cascade of the waterfall. 

6/16/17 - RayB Bouchard added 12 photos.

6/17/17 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

34 photos

Mary, Fran and Mike prepare to launch

Transitioning from paddle to hike

Crane Pond

Farewell to our lunch spot at the pond

Mary and Bonnie enjoying the summer-like weather

Time for a swim

Cathy practicing for the Tokyo Olympics

View from within Fr. Roos' Roost

Cathy tries out a unique porch swing

In the coolness of the waterfall

The entrance to the Pyramid Life Center Office. The plaque to the left of the door said it all, "Nonviolence Begins With Me". - added by RayB

A view of Pyramid Lake with Bear Mt. on the left, and a large island to its right. - added by RayB

An artists rendering of the previous picture of Pyramid Lake is located in the Chapel. - added by RayB

For the Cane's, 0.63 mi. to the shore of Crane Pond, was a mere hop, skip, and a jump, especially when we knew lunch was so close. - added by RayB

Margie, Cathy, Fran, and Mike enjoying their lunch on the rocky shore of Crane Pond. - added by RayB

Everyone knows that members of the Crooked Cane's are really kids at heart, not adults. Fortunately the rules were bent, and we were allowed to gather in the "Tree House" long enough to enjoy the frozen treats that Margie had stashed in the freezer. - added by RayB

A babbling brook flowing next to the "Tree House". - added by RayB

Bear Mt. as viewed through the trees. - added by RayB

The Chapel on the hill. - added by RayB

The interior of the Chapel. - added by RayB

We were welcome to paddle with the Posies as long as we could get it down to the lake. - added by RayB

I must admit that the kid in me was really tempted to give the rope a yank. However someone must have read my mind, because the next thing I heard was, "Don't even think about ringing it. It's only used when there's an emergency." Oh well. - added by RayB

Headed for a paddle around the island - added by Wanderer

Hi Bonnie! - added by Wanderer

Fran enjoying a day in the sun - added by Wanderer

Margie and Cathy in one of the Center's canoes - added by Wanderer

Mike in his classy looking canoe - for sale in our Gear Exchange - paddler extra. - added by Wanderer

Hiking in the pretty woods on our way to Crane Pond with lots of mosquitoes trying to hitch a ride - added by Wanderer

Fran, Mike, Margie and Ray at their lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Cathy, Linda and Bonnie - added by Wanderer

A little bit of Crane Pond with Pharaoh Mtn in the background - added by Wanderer

Fran steadying Mike's canoe while he rinses the inside of it - he wants to make sure the new owner has a clean boat - added by Wanderer

View of the cliffs of Bear Mtn - added by Wanderer

Cathy and Mike enjoy a swim - added by Wanderer

Our group included Linda and Peter, Fran, Bonnie, Cathy, Mike, Mary, Ray and Margie

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