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Murphy Lake ~ May 31, 2012

Journal entry by Karen Burke

Wow, what can I say! Thanks to all 20 of you who showed up and made my first time leading a Cane hike so memorable. The weather was a plus, but it was all of you who really made the day. I appreciate the drive time you all put in to join me at Murphy Lake. Rose, Peter and Linda, Karen and Leon, Donna and Dana, Tom, Lynn, Fran, Claire, Dennis, Don, Diane, Jack and Lenore, Sam, Ray, and Schoharie Gail were my hiking mates. The hike to Murphy Lake can be done from two directions. I have always liked the north to south route best, like we did, I think because of the soft-trailed piney forest where it begins. The day was filled with wonders – mammoth-sized trees, polliwogs, wildflowers, and the always exciting red efts. We had some mud but nothing extraordinary. Here’s an interesting tidbit – apparently, bugs prefer faster hikers. The group had split up about evenly, into faster and slower hikers. I heard from some of the faster ones that the bugs were pretty awful on the way in and that the bugs followed them most of the way. I was with the slower group and we weren’t bothered much at all. So, we slow people say “thank you” to the fast people. I will look forward to observing this phenomenon on future hikes.

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40 photos

before we start

Fran tending a wounded wildflower


Hi Tom

Aquatic Caner

Hi Sam!

Glacial Erratic - by Wanderer

First View of Murphy Lake - by Wanderer

Across the Lake From Lunch Spot - by Wanderer

A Lean-to Too Far - overflowing beaver dam discouraged the group from crossing to have lunch at the lean-to - so close! - by Wanderer

Enjoying Lunch - Ray Playing Peek-a-Bou(chard) - by Wanderer

Just Another Lunch Pic - by Wanderer

Dennis - Training for the new Olympic Sport of Underwater Cliff Diving - not much of a spectator sport. - by Wanderer

Have Dog Will Paddle - by Wanderer

Perseverance - by Wanderer

Lady Slipper - by Wanderer

Whale Rock - by Wanderer

Mushrooms - any idea of the type? - by Wanderer

Bunchberries carpeted the ground - by Ray

Canada Mayflower - by Ray

Indian Cucumber Root - by Ray

A few Jack-in-the-Pulpits were still in bloom - by Ray

Partridge Berries were in abundance - by Ray

Karen, our leader. - by Ray

Dennis, patiently waiting for the hike to continue. - by Ray

Donna & Dana Westcott breaking out their lunch. - by Ray

Lenore & Jack Reber. - by Ray

Gail, our co-leader enjoying a lighter moment. - by Ray

Linda & Diane. - by Ray

Man's best friend just along for the ride. OK, alright, he did have to walk all the way in, but his master had to carry the 25 lb. Hornbeck over 3 miles to get to Murphy Lake. Hmmm! come to think of it, who's the master? Who packed in the canoe and his doggie lunch? - by Ray

A pink Lady Slipper in .bloom - by Ray

A Twin Flower that covered the side of the trail in one area. This was pretty exciting as I had never seen one before. - by Ray

Tadpoles - by Ray

Still life on Murphy Lake. - by Ray

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