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Lens Lake Paddle ~ Jul 2, 2015

Journal entry by Fran Herve

After watching the weather forecast change several times during the days prior to our paddle we were delighted to find blue skies and bright sunshine on Thursday. Actually it started a little chilly and breezy.

We caravanned for miles through Hadley and Stony Creek and finally arrived at this remote little lake. This has become a yearly visit by the Canes so I knew we were going to have a large group and I was not surprised to count 27 people.

We did not have to rush to unload and launch and folks went at their own speed because Lens Lake is an easy body of water to paddle: the currant is gentle and the size of the lake makes it perfect for a leisurely paddle. Several small groups formed and we explored all the little coves and inlets, admiring the bog islands and the variety of plants that I have never seen on other lakes: pitcher plants, sundews, rose pogonia (which is an orchid) and other plants whose names I have forgotten since last summer! Many bird songs were heard (red wing black birds, sparrows........)and the tranquility of the water made it possible to study small flocks of cedar waxwings with binoculars without being swept away.

There was no noon whistle but most returned to shore right on time for lunch while some others were in no hurry to leave the nooks and crannies of the lake. No one even noticed that the so called leader was way back trying to crawl out of her kayak onto the bog in an attempt to get the best pictures, at the risk of tipping over.

After lunch, some people said goodbye while others returned on the water for more paddling. Ed, who owns a camp on the lake joined us for a while in his row boat. It would have been easy to linger on the lake, admiring the water lilies while listening to the peaceful sounds of nature until sunset but we all had things to do, so it was time to reload the boats on our cars.

Thank you Peter & Linda, Don, Kurt & Diane and her sister Donna, Donna & Peter W., Eric, Margie, Pat, Sam, Joanne, Barbara, Katie & Ray, 2 Cathy’s and 2 Kathy's, Shelly, Linda Plante, Joy, Ed and new folks Sandy and Bob for joining me on this beautiful outing.

7/8/15 - Diane Wisell added 8 photos.

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46 photos

Ready to launch

Perfect day

Pitcher plant

Rose Pogonias

Close up of Rose Pogonia

Good time with friends

Lunch on the dock

Donna and Peter

Sisters Donna and Diane, Bob and Sandy and Linda P. in the back.

Peter and Linda

Sheep laurel


Baby painted turtle

Okay, which town are we really in? Hint, carefully look at spelling! - added by Diane

Experienced pros pulling hard against the current. - added by Diane

Let's go this way! - added by Diane

A jaguar prowls the pampas. - added by Diane

Three cedar waxwings. - added by Diane

Thanks to these dragon flies and countless others, NO bugs bugged us at the put in. - added by Diane

Pitcher plant flower ready to open? Or maybe it's a post-bloom seed pod? Anyone know? - added by Diane

Pitcher flower in full bloom. - added by Diane

Barbs inside a pitcher plant. - added by Diane

A small clump of sundews. - added by Diane

A closer view of the "business side" of a single sundew. - added by Diane

Turtle yoga time. - added by Diane

Captain Ed and Sailor Sam go on a cruise in the "Valla." - added by Diane

Beautiful colors of the day, the sheep laurel, puffy clouds against the blue and lush shades of green all about. - added by Margie

Thank you, Fran for leading through the numerous quiet coves and channels among the water-loving plants. - added by Margie

Kathy D and Diane enjoying the leisurely paddle together. - added by Margie

Quiet passages invited lingering to take in the beauty. - added by Margie

Bog rosemary and a rose pogonia shared this tussock. - added by Margie

Barbara's new passenger IN the Subaru takes her for a ride. - added by Margie

Cheerful water lilies and more water lilies stretched to the shore. - added by Margie

This charming flower posed for a photo in the parking lot-what's my name? - added by Margie

Sky, water, and Katie. - added by RayH

Looking out from the launch area - added by Wanderer

Getting ready - added by Wanderer

Root art - added by Wanderer

Traffic on Lens Lake - added by Wanderer

Water lily - added by Wanderer

Just one of the many coves to explore ........ - added by Wanderer

........... and another one - added by Wanderer

Small beaver dam - added by Wanderer

Shelly taking it all in - added by Wanderer

Southern view - added by Wanderer

Sisters - Diane and Donna - added by Wanderer

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