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Lens Lake paddle ~ Jul 14, 2016

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Since there were promises of rain and storms for the afternoon and I kept the paddle on, in spite of the threatening skies, I did not expect much company on this Thursday so I  was pleasantly surprised to find  6 paddlers at the Lake Luzerne parking lot and 7 more at Lens Lake. I have to say that I doubted my judgment while driving to the village of Stony Creek.

We were all aware of the predicted storm so we did not waste any time unloading our boats . Lens lake looked different under grey skies but just as pretty and inviting.  Peter , who is very familiar with this quiet little lake and was the first one to introduce the Canes to it 4 years ago, guided us through all the channels , inlets  meandering through the bog islands and coves.

To our surprise the sky cleared up and the sun came out so we felt comfortable to explore at leisure, get close to the tiny bog islands to study the unique carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant and sundew and the rose pogonia orchid and take photos. This is a heaven for birds and we saw and heard a heron, ducks, red wing black birds, kingfishers, swallows, eastern kingbirds.....

We returned to shore for lunch at the picnic table and some of us decided not to push their luck and go home before the rain while others chose to go explore the other side of the lake. After another hour or so on the water we packed our boats and were invited by Ed to go visit his camp nearby- simple and rustic, the way an Adirondack camp should be but cozy.

Exactly one minute after we got back into our cars it started to rain and soon after pour and thunder. I could not help laugh to myself and wonder how lucky can the Canes get! I was right not to have cancelled!

Thanks to Tom, Don, Peter and Linda, Katie, Diane, Linda P., Shelly and Larry, Ed and Paula, Carolyn and Maria for sharing this day with me.





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Carolyn is ready and some others did not wait for the photo!

Ed has been fishing and hunting at Lens Lake since he was a child.

Diane, Tom and Linda enjoying the day.

Peter, I told you we were going to get stuck in the mud!

Pitcher plant

Horned bladderwort (yellow) and waterlilies

Bog islands on Lens Lake

Beaver lodge

Rose pogonia (orchid), pitcher plant and pickerelweed. - added by Fran

Rose pogonia (orchid), pitcher plant and pickerelweed. - added by Fran

Linda at the launch before the group arrived - added by Wanderer

Prep time - added by Wanderer

Diane, Paula and Fran exploring one of the bogs - added by Wanderer

Maria - added by Wanderer

Carolyn - added by Wanderer

Wood Duck box in one of the bays - added by Wanderer

Fran leading the way - added by Wanderer

Katie - added by Wanderer

Tom in his Hornbeck lounge boat - added by Wanderer

Just an old stump - added by Wanderer

Bullhead Lily - added by Wanderer

Larry and his reflection - added by Wanderer

Hi Don! - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the launch - added by Wanderer

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