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Crane Mtn loop hike ~ May 24, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Was it Hadley or was it Crane? It looked the same visibility less than 100 ft damp, humid could not see even the lower slopes driving toward the mountain. Well, to start with it could have been the same! But the very steep, rocky trail, replete with newts, led us to believe that we were not on Hadley. Taking into account a not-so-bad weather forecast, six strong stalwarts of the Crooked Canes showed up to conquer the mountain. Who else but Tom, Fran, Diane, Nancy, Margue (new) and the leader. With frequent stops because of the steepness and scoutings to check out visibility at the outlooks (all reports said NONE!), we continued on to the summit (NO VISIBILITY) that we reached at just after noon. We took shelter from the stiff breeze by adding shells and huddling in the rocks below the summit. After eating I had some mini chocolate bars to share but the one destined for Diane bounced twice on the rocks and cleanly entered her tea cup for a hole in one. After lunch we continued on down toward Crane Mtn Pond and, with improving visibility, you could just make out the pond from the ledge below the summit. But by the time we hit the pond, the visibility was good enough to see across the pond without difficulty. We stopped to rest on a peninsula, could clearly see the summit from the pond, and discovered a loon to entertain us. By the time we started down from the pond, the open ledges after crossing the stream offered clear views to Garnet Lake and the mountains to the west. As is well known the trail down from the Pond is every bit as challenging as the trail up. But no mishaps except for the fact that Tom, who was leading, was attacked by a ruffed grouse on the long horizontal trek back to the parking lot. By this time the sun was actually shining at times. A good day for hiking, a cool day, a day without excessive problems due to black flies and mosquitoes.

5/26/12 - Fran Herve added 3 photos.

5/26/12 - Fran Herve added 7 photos.

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Catching our breath - by Fran

Views on the way to Crane - by Fran

Lady Slippers - by Fran

Clintonia - by Fran

Painted trilliums - by Fran

Newts everywhere... - by Fran

Tom, Nancy, Margie, Diane and Don at the summit - by Fran

I never said I was a good photographer! - by Fran

Crane Mtn Pond - by Fran

Hey, it's clearing up! - by Fran

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