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Berry Pond Hike ~ Apr 4, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Starting sometime right after Christmas I start thinking about the first perfect spring day. The first one of the year when winter has gone leaving only remnants lingering in the shadows, it is sunny, warm with just a touch of wind, last year's grass and leaves are dry and warm inviting an outdoor afternoon nap, there are puddles to play in and the scents of mud and earth stir memories of night crawlers, fiddleheads, trout, the garden, black flies, all sorts of frolicking new born and hatched critters. Thursday was that day, made unforgettable by the company of Gail, Nancy, Fran, Jo Ellen, Linda, two Rays, Pete, Bob, Ed, Don, Lynn, Bonnie, Kendra, Claire & Kirk, Diane & Kurt, Leon & Karen, Katie & Ray, Jack & Lenore. Meeting at the Lake George Recreation area intent on seeing herons and views we found out in the first 200 feet that the micro spikes we brought were definitely not excess baggage. Over the course of 6 miles and 1400 feet total ascent, the trail offered a potpourri of conditions common in seasonal transition: dry ground, ice and snow in hard, wet, thick and thin varieties seasoned liberally with mud and puddles. Our lunch location with long views unobstructed by haze or clouds was, once again, spectacular and on this day an appropriate setting to honor a dear friend and his daughter with our thoughts and appreciation of sunshine and Godiva chocolate. After the great views, the herons we came to see were, well......, see below.

4/5/13 - Ray Bouchard added 11 photos.

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The gang is all here except Kurt who is taking a picture and Don who is... (see below)

...determining that this is not an ideal stream crossing.

Seneca Ray documenting history.

Wow! A Perching Green Bittern!

Crossing the water: a beaver dam at Berry Pond.

Many secrets are exchanged in the forest!

Finally,the Herons we hiked 6 miles to see! April Fool, these were from April 7, 2012. Thanks for sending these Fran and Don. - added by Kurt

Were we a little early this year, or....

...or maybe they are still in transit.

Now that you know the way to Berry Pond, wait a couple weeks and go back to see this lovely young couple.

Lunch at the height of land on the blue trail. As you can see it was a picture perfect day with beautiful blue skies and great company. - added by Ray

Lynn, a relative newcomer, enjoying a day with the Canes. - added by Ray

Bonnie, another newcomer on her first outing with our motley crew. - added by Ray

Claire, Linda and Diane enjoying the sunny day. - added by Ray

Don McMahon, a man who has contributed so much of his time and energy to this great organization. - added by Ray

Lunch is over. It's all downhill from here. Please note the red MicroSpikes. They came in very handy on this trip as the trail was rather icy in places. - added by Ray

An active beaver lodge. - added by Ray

There's at least one active beaver lodge as evidenced by the trees that had been dropped and gnawed on. - added by Ray

It's only a hop, skip and a jump to reach the other side of the dam. - added by Ray

Kurt, our leader, is satisfied that everyone made it across the dam safely. Well, almost everyone. - added by Ray

We leave Berry Pond, with its azure blue skies, and head for home. - added by Ray

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