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30th Anniversary plus birthdays ~ Apr 24, 2014

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

The Crooked Canes had many things to celebrate on this beautiful spring day. Coming from many directions, we met at the Skidmore North Woods and broke into a three and a two mile group to enjoy early spring flowers, birdsong, and an early garter snake and butterfly. But mostly during this leisurely walk we enjoyed seeing friends we have missed this winter. Fran and Ray were able to identify most of the flowers and took photos of many, but were stumped by one with a foam flower. Dale saved the day by identifying it as broad leaf sedge . We also saw dog tooth violet, alias trout lily, false hellebore, and a variety of hepaticas. Now you all have the answers to the test! The three-mile group met Claire and Bill coming from the opposite direction, bringing the total to 33. In good spirit, we took a few stops to hear Lenore point out interesting information, such as the location of the railroad tracks, the duck tree, and the art and writing on the water tower. We didn't have time to walk down North Broadway to admire the Victorian mansions and carriage houses, so after a brief lecture about the qualities of Queen Anne houses, we slowly caravanned down North Broadway and up Woodlawn, admiring the beautiful homes, and then back to the church, where we joined many more Canes carrying side dishes and desserts. Jack led the two-mile group of six people through the North woods, spotting several kinds of wildflowers in bloom. After the walk, Dale drove us around North Broadway examining the ornate Victorian houses. We then drove to the Greenridge Cemetery and walked around the gravestones in a chilly wind. We spotted a pair of bluebirds perching on gravestones. Sixty eight Crooked Canes members found seats after sharing smiles and hugs with old and new friends, ready for more celebrations and dreaming of lunch. First we thanked all the Canes who had begun and continued this wonderful group, thinking of the thirty years in which people have had the opportunity to visit spectacular places, experience reflective moments and make new friends. Then Jack surprised Irv by reminding him that without Irv, we would not be part of the Canes, and presented him with a framed photo of Irv, Tom and Don at Shippees Ledge. Lenore then thanked all the people who had contributed to the success of the party, including the organizing group of Peter Fedorick, Diane and Kurt Wisell, Fran Herve, and Jack Reber. Also thanked were those who sent in photos for use in the celebration. Now it was time to surprise our two octogenarian leaders, Tom and Don. To much laughter, Lenore donned Tom's yellow jacket, an orange Don look alike hat, and an Irv type ski pole, and read the following limericks. There once were 3 friends, Don, Tom, and Irv Skiers and snowshoers with lots of verve. Crooked Canes they led To lunch they sped Finding best snow, hills, and curves. There once were 3 Canes, Irv, Tom, and Don Hikers and bikers of whom we are fond. They challenged the Canes On herd path lanes And bushwhacked up hills in search of ponds. Happy Birthday to Don, Irv and Tom Paddlers who love water, wild or calm Crooked Canes, get your gear Give our leaders a cheer, A thanks to these lads for their wisdom. Peter presented Tom and Don with books filled with Crooked Cane photos and captions dated from 1999 to the present. The hum of friendship filled the room as we enjoyed our lunch of luscious side dishes, pizza, and scrumptious desserts. But the real treat was watching, on Peter's wide-screen TV, over 100 photos of the Crooked Canes on mountains and lakes, in every season, smiling, thinking, talking and eating, huddling in the cold and swimming in sun. Thank you, Peter. As we slowly finished our celebrating, signing the photo books and gathering up our belongings, we once again reflected on this special group, the Crooked Canes, which has brought so much laughter, exercise, beauty and friendship into our lives. 4/26/14 - Diane Wisell added 2 photos. 4/26/14 - Virginia Boyle Traver added 4 photos. 4/29/14 - Jim Ralston added 5 photos.

35 photos

Canes creatively crossing logs

Photo by Lenore

Photo by Lenore

Photo by Lenore

Pause at the dorm

Forward march!


Herding cats

Duck tree

A long line

Waiting for wildflower lovers

Getting settled


Old friends

Almost ready

Waiting for the speeches

Where's my seat?

Ummmm, good

Happy 90th, Irv!


Irv, Tom and Don at Shippees Ledge

Lenore honors Tom, Don and Irv

Peter honors Tom and Don with photo books of the Crooked Canes

Fran honors the Crooked Canes with an irresistible cake for a wonderful group

Somebody must have told them there is going to be a written exam! - added by Diane

Imagine how many volumes could be filled with the knowledge of these two friends. - added by Diane

The "two-mile hikers" admiring early wildflowers - added by Virginia

Dale, Irv, and Jack lead us on the sunny path - added by Virginia

Etta and Eleanor enjoy a walk and visit - added by Virginia

Hepatica blossoms! - added by Virginia

Ready to hike - added by Jim

Photo added by Jim

Irv Boyle and his daughter Virginia - added by Jim

Enjoying the party - added by Jim

Don, Irv, and Tom with their gifts - added by Jim

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