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Shelving Rock 2012 ~ May 17, 2012

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Hi CCs and a special Happy Birthday to Lenore Reber

4 Caners opted to join Tom for an "easier" hike to Shelving Rock. Well, the trail is mostly old carriage road, making for good footing, but after 6-7 miles...a little sore....a little tired...we had put in a good day.

Tom, Anita, Dennis and I piled into Linda's new Subaru at WCMC and headed for Buttermilk Falls Rd in the town of Fort Ann. Along the 12 mile drive from Rt 149, Tom pointed out the actual Buttermilk Falls, which are on private, posted property. Pavement turned to bumpy rutted dirt, finally reaching the lower trailhead to Shelving Rock Falls. Off we went, following a pretty forest trail, crossing a bridge over the stream flowing into Lake George, and up a gentle slope to the spillway above the falls. With the recent rain, the water was roaring, sparkling. we followed the stream back down, stopping to admire the cascades and take a few pictures. The ladies taking the high road and the guys taking the low road close along the stream, we regrouped at the inlet bridge and headed for Log Bay on Lake George.

The trail winds its way along the shore with many nice spots to stop and view the islands, or the Sagamore Hotel far across the lake. Lunch beckoned, and the Log Bay picnic area offered lakeside seating out of the wind. What a beautiful place, basking in the sunshine, we ate a relaxed lunch, Dennis snoozed, and all were reluctant to leave our perch. Back on the trail, we followed the shoreline, enjoying each point of land and the vistas.

Interestingly, we were dogged by 2 and then 3 Mallards, following us for a mile or so along the lakeside. Normally taking off when approached, these guys swam toward us, obviously used to being fed. They were rewarded with a few breadcrumbs from the CCs.

We made our way back to the parking area, taking the short shuttle by car to the Shelving Rock Mtn trailhead. This is a 1.7 mile uphill old carriage road, with many switchbacks and rock lined banks. In days gone by the "sports" were carted in horsedrawn carriages to view Lake George. We did likewise, and from the lower north facing overlook, with the Tongue Mtn Range before us, we all waved to Jack, Lenore and company. Onward to the top and as the song says "On a clear day you can see forever!" Looking south and west, blue skies, and practically no boat traffic on our 'Jewel' of the Adirondacks at this time of year, a treat for the Caners.

Ah well, time to return to the car, a liesurely descent, a drive back to WCMC, another fine outing with friends. Thanks to all.


5/18/12 - Linda . added 7 photos.

5/24/12 - Ken Gericke added 4 photos.

17 photos

Cascade downstream from the falls.

Lonesome Tom enjoying the panoramas of Lake George

Fringed Polygala....Thanks Jack.

Larry, Moe, and Curly, our constant companions along the lakeshore.

Looking south from Shelving Rock overlook.

Dome Island on the lake behind Linda.

Bay Along the Shoreline Trail - by Linda

Old Foundation - by Linda

Oops - Miscalculation! - by Linda

Shelving Rock Brook - by Linda

Upper Falls - by Linda

The Elusive Shelving Rock Silhouette Man - by Linda

Tom putting the finishing touches to a trailside cairn - the whole thing collapsed immediately after he placed the final rock! (Just kidding) - by Linda

Small trailside cascade on the way up to the falls. - by Ken

Shelving Rock Falls - by Ken

Below the falls - by Ken

Caners in the Mist...Tom, Dennis, Linda, and Anita. - by Ken

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