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Lake Ann ~ Mar 28, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Neither clouds nor rain nor soft snow underfoot could stay the seventeen merry Crooked Canes on their hike to Lake Ann and beyond. A steady pace and catching up with friends brought us quickly to the Spiers Falls put-in overlook, where we tried to locate Crane Mountain and Hadley fire tower. We microspiked back to the blue trail and enjoyed the gentle undulations and wandering of the lavender trail. Welcomed by the sight of a woodpecker tree and the sound of weaponry practice, we reached the leanto and lunch at 11:35. Then the adventure began, attempting to locate a route down west of Lake Ann. The bushwhack led us to the power line, after some postholing into swamp water, false turns and forest obstacles. Then we called on our GPS team to help us locate the creek that the route followed. Jack found the power line, Kurt found the Hudson and Ray found ?. So, weighing our options, we decided to follow the power line. As the cheery group was congratulating its leaders on the wise choice we came to near vertical, snow, brush, and rock covered descents. But did they complain? No! They slid and stumbled, with nary a grumble, and soon Don had led us into the woods to reconnect with the yellow trail. We took a short side trip to the base of the overlook cliffs to admire the ice organ pipes and were pleased to see a sure sign of spring-a soaring vulture. As we headed down, we met Gary, the Moreau ranger, and got his advice about locating the stream Don knew we should follow, so we see a new adventure in our near future if the snow melts before National Grid blocks the way to do its "improvements." We so enjoyed visiting with our Albany contingent, the ladies from the western counties, the couples representing our northern realms, and our local neighbors, especially nurse Linda.

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A Pileated had lunch, now it's our turn.

Chatting at the lean to

Ring the bell, Peter's getting well

Drop off ahead

The end is near

Silent ice pipes

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Hudson Overlook - added by Kurt

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