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A-Team! hike on two parts of the Chester Challenge ~ Jun 1, 2017

Journal entry by Katie

On a rare beautiful day nine Caners set off to explore two of the hikes that are part of the Chester Challenge. We first did Cougar Mountain, behind the North Warren Central School. The gym class out on the field reminded us that school is still in session. The trail led us through a delightful mixed forest to a short, steep pitch and the top of the mountain with its tree-framed view of Gore and other mountains to the west. A loop down the side of the mountain put us out onto the tennis courts behind the school. The various signs posted on trees in the woods were a testament to the use the teachers make of the trail with their students.

Then it was on to the second trail – a five minute drive found us at the Kipp Mountain trail head. In less than a mile and 400 feet of climbing, we were at a great view of Loon Lake and the surrounding hills. A pleasant breeze kept the mosquitoes away while we had lunch. A threatening cloud motivated us to return to our cars, after a total of 3.8 miles for the day.  The rain came, lightly, after we were out of the woods.

Enjoying the day were Bonnie, Don, Fran, Katie, Kurt and Diane, Linda P, Margie, and Peter.

6/2/17 - Diane Wisell added 4 photos. 6/5/17 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

13 photos

A nice view of Gore Mountain. No snow left! - added by Diane

What we thought might be a nice little caterpillar, even a swallowtail butterfly larva, isn't so nice if my identification as an Eastern Tent Caterpillar is correct. - added by Diane

Some kind of pretty slug, not sure what species. Quite a few are similar. - added by Diane

This may be a picture of $50.00 a pound if they are in fact morels. But we weren't sure and Kurt wouldn't (oddly enough!) risk eating it. - added by Diane

Lovely folks crossing a lovely beck. - added by Diane

At the Cougar Hill trailhead - added by Wanderer

Map of the Cougar Nature Trails - added by Wanderer

View from the "Hill" with Gore Mtn to the right (behind the tree) - Diane included a closeup - added by Wanderer

Map of the trail to our second destination - Kipp Mtn. - added by Wanderer

View from Kipp Mtn overlook looking SW with Crane Mtn to the left - added by Wanderer

A nice touch - ID of landmarks to be seen from the Kipp Mtn overlook - added by Wanderer

Lunch of course! - added by Wanderer

The next time you find yourself off-trail just tell everyone you aren't lost - just wandering! - added by Wanderer

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