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Tongue Mountain Hike ~ May 17, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Tongue Mountain

Some Crooked Canes departed WCMC to visit Shelving Rock Falls. The rest of us travelled to Tongue Mountain. All hikers had a gorgeous day to enjoy the Lake George Area.

The fifteen-member Tongue Mountain crew began our six-hour, almost bug-free, adventure proceeding up a sometimes wet and muddy trail to the Five Mile leanto where we enjoyed a clear view of the northern peaks. Fran brought brownies in honor of Lenoreís birthday. Ah, nothing like chocolate after lunch at a beautiful spot.

The best was yet to come. While hiking up and down the ridges of Tongue Mountain, we became spread out as we attempted to identify wildflowers and bird songs. We also enjoyed a few views of Lake George and large, moss and lichen-covered rock walls. We listened to the flute-like song of a Hermit Thrush. You can hear it with a picture at, Cornellís Ornithology website. Another wildlife sighting was a grass-green snake basking on the trail. It wasnít a rattler, so we watched it slide into the rocks. It was a Smooth Green Snake aka Grass Snake, a new creature for most of us. We also spotted a red eft, a toad, and millipede.

After about 5 miles, stripped to our tee shirts, we came to the trail that descends to Clay Meadow and our shuttle vehicle. This trail is a knee strainer, but beautiful as it winds through hemlock groves and follows a stream with several waterfalls. We stopped to listen to a Barred Owl conversing with Jack.

Finally, after 7.2 miles, we came to the road. While Jack drove drivers back to retrieve cars, Lenore and Don led some folks to the waterfall across the street, and then discovered tadpoles, minnows, and frogs in the overflowing parking lot pool.

Jack and Lenore

5/25/12 - Ray Bouchard added 7 photos.

5/25/12 - Ray Bouchard added 1 photo.

11 photos

Lunch at the Lean-to

A carpet of Violets

A Violet blossom up close

Foam Flower - by Ray

Jack-in-the-Pulpit - by Ray

"Jack" in his pulpit - by Ray

Fringed Polygala - by Ray

Miterwort - by Ray

Now that is one big burl. I'll bet Sam could make a bowl big enough to serve all of the Caners at the same time. Hmmm! Who can we get to carry it out- by Ray

Cascading waters along the Clay Meadow trail. Note the artistic Cairn in the foreground. - by Ray

Rock Cairn - by Ray

Don, two Donnas, Diane, Pete Wood, Ray, Karen, Fran,
Lynn, Lenore, Shelly, Sam, Jim R., Jack, and Joanne.
Some absent from us for a while Welcomed back with hug and smile,
Great hike, sights, sounds and views, And outdoor friends, old and new.

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