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Lake Moreau Figure 8 ~ Apr 10, 2014

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

The Crooked Canes walked from winter to spring, at first thankful for microspikes and then planning to put them away until fall. In the cool morning air the frozen trail led us across swelling streams and cascades, through a hemlock grove to the old graphite mines that are now porcupine dens. As the white trail looped back to the ROR trail, we noticed warmer air and more brown leaf cover than ice. As we continued down to the nature trail and around to an unnamed pond, the source of the northern branch of the Snookkill, Lenore was occasionally overcome by a teachable moment. We lunched overlooking a beaver lodge in Mud Pond, enjoying the sun and surprised at the coolness of the breeze. Many of us decided to throw caution to the winds and removed our microspikes. We continued around the pond, retracing a small portion of trail so that we could complete the figure 8. We headed toward the beach, spotting a butterfly, and Canada geese and a pair of mallards along the unfrozen shores of the lake. We paused at the playground for snack and chat, and then headed to the parking lot via the road or the lake trail. The twenty-six of us agreed that this five and a half mile walk on a blue sky day was a great way to walk into spring.

4/12/14 - Wanderer . added 2 photos.

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Putting on our spikes.

Cascading stream

Will the porcupine see his shadow?

Sam and Ray at the porcupine dens.

Where's the snow?

Beaver lunch

Nature's corsage

26 happy tummies

Soaking up the rays at the playground.

Hey Peter, Lenore said no gaiters!

Lunch on a log - added by Joanne

More lunch on a log! - added by Joanne

Even more lunch on a log = big group today! - added by Joanne

Gail & the playground? - added by Joanne

Leon & Jim - added by Joanne

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Sam & Pete (Pete is waving around a piece of deer skin with fur found on the trail..I don't think Sam is impressed). - added by Joanne

Tom & Donna - added by Joanne

Don & Ray - added by Joanne

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Liz & Shelly

Lenore conducting class and Sam is NOT paying attention! - added by Wanderer

Spring hasn't totally arrived yet - added by Wanderer

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