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Zim Smith Trail bike ride ~ Jun 18, 2015

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Nineteen Caners/EZriders gathered at the Shenentaha Park this morning. After studying several weather websites for a few days it finally looked like it would stay dry for at least 4 hours. Unfortunately our leader Ken was not able to join us.

We started by going South on the Zim Smith trail towards Round Lake and after about 2 miles we took the ZS Mid-County trail (small Saratoga PLAN sign on the left side) down to Rt 9. It starts down on an incline and flattens for a while. It runs between some wetlands below and offers some nice view points. A few benches can be found along the way. We surprised many birds and enjoyed the concert of cardinals, robins, wood thrushes, other birds and amphibians .

After regrouping at the small round about (RA)on Rt 9 across from the old My Way Cafe (closed several years ago) we crossed over rte 9 and pedaled over to the next RA. We then followed on the Luther Forest Blvd through the Malta Tech Park. We also passed the 100 Acre Woods ( an area that was designed in combination by Global Foundries and the town of Malta and offers a trail system through woods with an abundance of flowers in the early spring and boardwalks over streams). After another RA crossing we reached Dunning St. and biked down to the Malta community park. We had plenty of picnic tables to choose from. After a leisurely lunch we retraced our way back to the top of the ZS Mid-County trail and headed South towards Round Lake.

It was less than a mile before we reached Round Lake and Leah's Cakery. Most of us had saved room for dessert but the selection had improved so much since our last visit in 2014 that we were tempted to have one of each.........which would have meant biking another 50 miles to burn the calories. We enjoyed our treats at the picnic table and of course more conversation and then it was time to ride back up North to Shenentaha Park.

It was an enjoyable 17 mile ride with a few moderate hills. The best part was that it was all on bike paths. We certainly missed our leader Ken but we were all happy to see Jim I. after a long absence and Tom after his recent recovery. Thank you Peter F. for helping me keep the group together and thank you Tom, Lynda F. , Don, Lynn, Pat, Joanne, Margie, Rose, Eric, Sam, Jim I., Glen, Susan and Jack, Kirk , Annie and Lynda P. for joining me on this ride.

6/19/15 - Wanderer . added 19 photos.

19 photos

Shenantaha Creek Park - the main entrance to the Zim Smith Trail - added by Wanderer

We sure fill up the parking lot! - added by Wanderer

Time for a break already? - added by Wanderer

Along our route - future hikes? - added by Wanderer

Welcome back Jim! ........ - added by Wanderer

..... and look at the chicken salad sandwich he brought me - what a guy! - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the Malta Community Park - added by Wanderer

Glen, Susan and Jack from the ezRiders - added by Wanderer

Lunch 3 - Sam, Tom and Eric [Tom really wanted to smile but I caught him in-between bites] - added by Wanderer

Lunch 4 - almost everyone - added by Wanderer

Pre-dessert break - added by Wanderer

Leah's Cakery in Round Lake - added by Wanderer

Dessert & visiting at Leah's - added by Wanderer

The Peloton has arrived with Rose and Jack in the lead and Margie and Lynn close behind - added by Wanderer

Tom, Eric & Kirk (not paying attention) - added by Wanderer

Sam, Don & Pat - added by Wanderer

Linda P & Jim I - added by Wanderer

...... and Linda F assigned to be sweep! - added by Wanderer

Trailside cascade - added by Wanderer

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