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Abanakee Lake Paddle ~ Jun 30, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

The last day of June was perfect for a Crooked Cane paddle, so 26 of us arrived at the Chain Lakes Road launch site. Our armada stretched about a half mile up the lake as we took time to check out lake front property and chat with friends. A great blue heron flew overhead and then we spied a pair of loons with two babies, but kept a distance from them. Next we noticed a large ragged osprey nest, but no ospreys about. Soon we crossed large open water which had a shallow section with tree stumps, rocks and grasses, which reminds us that until it was dammed, this was the course of the Indian River. After going under the low Big Brook bridge we saw a floating loon nesting raft with a loon lying low over the nest. We marvelled at her amazing stillness as we gave her wide berth. Soon we were at our pine grove lunch spot, where the cascading Indian River flows into the lake. Some folks took advantage of the break to walk upstream and look down on the cascades. Others paddled upstream a little until reaching the rapids and then turned about for a quick ride back.

The paddle back was equally interesting. An osprey family of parents and two chicks watched us approach from their platform nest on Big Brook Road. The loon remained lying flat on her floating platform and another osprey flew off the ragged nest we had thought was unoccupied. Then two loons appeared as we rounded a corner. After paddling under the Route 28 bridge we saw a heron land and do his gangly walk through the woods along the shore. Finally, a kingfisher led us back to the launch site. All agreed that they had a great time, and a few said that the only thing which could improve it was a stop at Stewarts for ice cream.   

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Crowded launch

Ready, Set, Go!

Underway at last

Ragged osprey nest

Loon on nest

Lunch under the evergreens

Lovely lunch location

Ospreys' watchful eyes

Low bridge and loon

Farewell paddlers

Viewing 35 of 79 - 2016


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