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Pharoah Mountain Hike ~ May 11, 2012

Journal entry by Diane & Kurt Wisell

What a difference a day makes! Postponing from Thursday to Friday gave 10 of us a great day for a hike: sun, nice clouds, warm enough to enjoy, cool enough to spoil the black flies day.

Fran, Lenore, Katie, Ray H., Ray B., Don, Jim, Joanne, Diane and I had a very memorable trip, though a little longer and higher than we'd originally thought. 8.2 miles and a little over 1,900 vertical went by fast, thanks to the great company and perfect day.

5/16/12 - Ray Bouchard added 9 photos.

5/16/12 - Ray Bouchard added 1 photo.

21 photos

The first pit stop near Crane Lake.

An early - and small - Jack In The Pulpit. Great eyes, Fran!

Pharoah has an original Colvin marker from 1878 as noted in his Annual Report dated March 7, 1879.

Great view from the summit. Looking north, Marcy barely visible on the left side.

Little birds were popping up their heads all over the summit.

THE Man Of The Mountain. Anyone care to guess who got up there first?

Ray & Katie H. with Fran enjoying lunch that today featured elephant ear lichen.

Lenore and Joanne enjoying the natural recliners.

Painted Trillium. Quite a few of these blooming now.

Moss and a beech leaf in an ephemeral stream crossing the trail about 2/3 of the way up.

About the only waterfall we saw on the mountain, though there are some very nice cascades on the way into Alder Pond from the official trail head.

Beautiful open hemlock and spruce forest for a lot of this hike. Just beautiful whether in sun, rain, snow or ice.

Getting it all together - by Ray

Lenore and Joanne enjoying each others company - by Ray

Ray & Katie Henrikson enjoying lunch on the summit - by Ray

A Modern Survey Marker confirming our location - by Ray

Waiting for Kurt to bring them down the long, bumpy road to their car. - by Ray

Goldthread plant in bloom. It's golden colored roots, from which it gets its name, are hidden underground. - by Ray

A Goldthread blossom - by Ray

A Wild Sarsaparilla Plant. Note the triple flower buds to the lower left of the main plant. It'll be a while before the greenish white blossoms open up. - by Ray

A closeup of the Wild Sarsaparilla flower stalk next to the main stem. - by Ray

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