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Berry Pond Snowshoe ~ Apr 3, 2014

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

Likely to have been the last Crooked Canes snowshoe outing of the season, Berry Pond was also one of the best. Peter showed us, as you will see, that there was plenty of snow in the woods. And there was brilliant sun, temperature in the mid 40 degree range and no wind at all, making the day a memorable one for 19 Crooked Canes.

Starting at the Lake George Rec Area parking lot, we ascended the blue trail to where it meets orange. Tom, Diane, Don and Joanne broke off to head for Berry Pond while the rest of us continued on blue to the summit of the peak overlooking Berry Pond. It was good exercise snowshoeing in the wet granular snow and our efforts were generously rewarded by a clear view of Lake George to the northeast and a Happy Dance performance by two very exuberant Canes. The view to the south and east from the second overlook was just as good and some bare ground and rocks, warm and dry in the sun, were an inviting location for lunch and where we suspected the others might show up at about the same time.

The break off group never arrived so after lunch, laughter, cat naps and bird identification, we struck out for Berry Pond looking forward to a reunion with the renegades. Feeling a bit tired after 4 miles of wet snow, we traveled a short distance along the south side of Berry Pond to where beavers had maintained an opening in the ice and had obviously been recently active, leaving all of us a unique scene to view, Lenore a sizable piece of Beaver Art and Jack a potential problem. Then we enjoyed the mostly downhill run back to the Rec area for a cheerful reunion with the rest of the group and to stiffen up a bit before heading our separate ways.

All in all, a very pleasant day! Kurt's sister Gwenn was able to attend and we enjoyed her company while sharing the experiences she has had during the past two and a half years as a musher in Alaska as she prepares to enter the 2015 Iditarod. Thanks so much for making this day so special for Liz, Claire, Ray, Mike, Jack, Lenore, Tom, Don, Pete, Joanne, Lynn, Jim, Bonnie, Fran, Linda, Peter, Gwenn, Diane and Kurt

4/5/14 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

4/5/14 - Joanne Armstrong added 9 photos.

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Sun, conifers and snow contributed to a "Sierra-like" feeling much of the time. Gwenn's photo.

Another Gwenn photo

Peter testing snow depth. My view from the front............

.........and Gwenn's view from behind. Stuck between mischievous siblings, Peter had no chance to escape documentation of his misfortune.

A view to the northeast.

Bonnie and Jim perform a "Happy Dance"

Rip Van Ray, unaware he is being eyed by three camera hungry birds.

Amid a riotous cacophony of "warbler," "vireo" and "LBJ," Jack calmly identified this fellow as a Towhee. 28 hours later, more excited than before and with grave concern that his reputation could be blemished, Jack states that a pixel by pixel examination of the photo reveals that the avian critter is indeed a Bluebird. Ray's identification of it's being a LBJ or "Little Blue Jobbie" was valid after all!

Berry's Berry Busy Beavers

West Brook - headed for Lake George - added by Wanderer

A long uphill! - added by Wanderer

Overlook view - Pilot Knob, Buck and more with Long Island in the center - added by Wanderer

Kurt and his sister Gwenn with Jim I in the background - added by Wanderer

Bonnie, Linda and Lynn enjoying the sun - added by Wanderer

Jack and Lenore - added by Wanderer

Hi Claire! - added by Wanderer

Fran and newbie Mike Malone - Fran just finished telling Mile how much she missed the snow during her recent two week trip to the USVI's - added by Wanderer

The only active beaver lodge on Berry Pond - added by Wanderer

Secret beaver access with some leftover meals - added by Wanderer

Tom and Pete enjoying lunch - added by Joanne

Don ponders Tom's explanation - added by Joanne

Don & Tom - added by Joanne

Joanne, Don, Diane & Pete - added by Joanne

Fresh evidence - added by Joanne

Glad we got to see this! - added by Joanne

Diane ventures out on the ice to check out the lodge - added by Joanne

Headed down after a picture perfect day - added by Joanne

Guess who? - added by Joanne

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