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Zim Smith Bike Trail ~ Jun 23, 2016

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

  Thursday turned out to be a perfect day for a bike ride....not too hot, no wind. 30 Crooked Canes and EZriders thought so too as the parking lot at Shenantaha Creek Park filled with bikers attired in red, orange and bright yellow. Our route for the follow the Zim Smith Bike Trail south from our start at the park to the Luther Forest spur. This is pretty section of bike path of about 1 mile through forest and wetland. We exit the forest trail and cross rt 9 to connect with Luther Forest. The tech and residential park, home of Global Foundries, is very pedestrian and bike friendly with wide bike paths throughout. We pedaled approx 10 Luther Forest miles and never had to leave paved bike path except at the several roundabouts.....which can be a bit confusing.  Fortunately for our I got plenty of help from LF residents Lynn, Fran, and Annie. Thank you ladies.

  We made our way to the Malta Town Park for a lunch break, a light lunch break, as dessert in Round Lake at Leah's Cakery awaited our senior bike caravan. Reversing our route we bike back to the Zim Smith trail and again head south, another couple of miles, to Round Lake. Leah's Cakery is a quaint bakery offering a variety of scrumptious pastries, pies, quiche, and cookies...mmmm! Leah's handled the rush of hungry seniors expertly. And as a bonus Tom Gibbs and Irv Boyle stopped by to say hello....and have some dessert.

Finally,we head back north to the start at Shenantaha Creek Park and the cars. Thanks everyone...lots of fun!



7/7/16 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

17 photos

Filling up the parking lot at Shenantaha Creek Park with colorful bikers

Jim and Peter.

Meeting of the minds!....Don and Dave

The Leah's Cakery building in Round Lake circa 1900

Leah's building 2016

Regrouping after biking the spur trail to Luther Forest - added by Wanderer

Lonely pine - added by Wanderer

Pretty pink flowers along our route (Help please - there must be someone out there that can ID them) - added by Wanderer

Headed for lunch - all stretched out - added by Wanderer

Getting ready after lunch - headed for Leah's Cakery in Round Lake for dessert - added by Wanderer

Just another rest stop - added by Wanderer

Jim must like the sun! Our stop at Leah's - added by Wanderer

Karen visiting with Irv (Tom and Irv stopped by for a visit with the group at Leah's) - added by Wanderer

Reenactment of the circa 1900 photo before some modifications - added by Wanderer

Irv, Fran and Linda - added by Wanderer

Margie, Tom and Lynn - added by Wanderer

Horses out for a stroll along the Zim Smith Trail (in case you are wondering what the horses have on their heads they are masks to protect them from flies - they can see thru them) - added by Wanderer

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