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Shelving Rock Mountain and Waterfall ~ Mar 7, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Eleven Crooked Canes; two Jims, Donna and Peter, Ray, Don, Ken, Joanne, Anita, Lenore and Jack, happy that the threatened storm went south, hiked up the snow packed carriage road to the summit of Shelving Rock Mountain. On the way, wind breezed through the tree tops as we stopped to listen to Jack's interesting information about wealthy Philip Skene, who amassed an estate of 57,000 acres by buying allottments from the British soldiers after the French and Indian War. We learned that in 1894, wealthy George Knapp purchased the old hotels and over 7,000 acres, most of which now are public land containing some of our favorite hikes. Summit views revealed a partly frozen Lake George, a snowy Crane Mountain, and a great place for a snack, especially lemon squares. Thank you, Jim R. We walked over to Shelving Rock (Log) Bay for lunch with a southern view and no wind! Seeing folks ice fishing, we confidently crossed the ice to the shore where we picked up the falls trail. Frozen cascades crossed our way, but were no match for microspikes. The falls were roaring, dark water spied through windows in a sparkly, billowed wall of ice. We split into three teams for the trip back down, taking the high, low, and streamside paths. As we reached the cars light snow began, and so we are hopeful for more lovely winter weather.

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Where is our horse and carriage?

Photo by Lenore

The low point in front of the high point.

Ken up to his knees.

Ice castles at the falls.

Icy exploration

Photo by Lenore

One of many frozen cascades along the trail. - added by Ken

Ray is lining up a shot. - added by Ken

Jim R. on Shelving Rock Mtn....Lk George in the background. - added by Ken

Shelving Rock - added by Ken

Beautiful old cedar tree...with a very tall elf peeking out. - added by Ken

Icy slide. - added by Ken

Split Rock - added by Ken

Peter and Donna Wood at the base of a frozen stream - added by Ray

Joanne and Donna admiring their handiwork. I have no idea how they managed to prop the boulder up onto the rocks and they wouldn't tell. I have heard you can move a mountain if your lever is long enough. I wonder? - added by Ray

An attempt to smother invasive species. - added by Ray

Ice fishing on a low budget. It was a popular pastime on this particular day. - added by Ray

Fishing through the ice with all the comforts of home, including transportation. - added by Ray

Taking a photo of Jim taking a photo. - added by Anita

Photo added by Anita

Photo added by Anita

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