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OK Slip Falls Snowshoe ~ Mar 27, 2014

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

It is never nice to kick someone when they are down but Ray's getting over a bug worked out pretty well for 11 Crooked Canes FORCED by Ray's misfortune into going to OK Slip Falls, a weather cancelled trip the week before, instead of the scheduled trip to Merck Forest.

As fate would have it the weather was perfect, as were other aspects of our trip, with mostly bright sun, cool enough that it felt like winter, more than enough snow and ice to look like winter and so little wind it felt like a nice spring day. Considering the near future forecast, it may have been the last real good winter day of the year. I probably shouldn't have said anything about a "last real good winter day" so you can blame me for the next big snow storm.

Early on, we met up with Linc, a good friend of ours and avid back country skier who lives nearby and who accompanied us for the first mile or so before disappearing on the first downhill section toward his goal of reaching the Hudson River, a goal he did achieve. After meeting Linc, we were once again pleasantly surprised, or more accurately tremendously relived, to find that the scout camp caretaker had traveled the road on a snowmobile saving us a couple of miles breaking trail in roughly 30 inches of snow. At that point, knowing we would be breaking trail from the scout camp road to the falls, we had plenty of time to work up a good head of worry. Fate intervened again, in the form of a snowshoed track from the Ross Pond trail head to the falls making our journey incredibly easy. What good fortune!

Interestingly, much of the snow and ice pile at the bottom of the falls - pictured below - is formed by the falls' capacity to make snow by exactly the same process it is made - at great cost - for skiing: water is atomized then thrown into the air where it partially freezes before landing on the ground as snow.

Upon arriving at the falls we were treated to a lovely view which contrasted sharply with the last view most of us had in October. Folks who have been there in previous years say there will likely be ice there until the 4th of July.

All in all, a great day with lasting memories including the company of Diane, Jo Ellen, Lynn, Liz, Linda, Katie, Dennis,Two Jims, Peter and Kurt.

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Wisenheimer Pete savoring an un-flattering picture he captured of Kurt and certain to appear on this page.

Showing off, still savoring the photo he knows he has.

The ever gracious Jo Ellen holding up a tree for Kurt to walk under.

Everyone at the overlook.

The reward.

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