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Bird Mountain And Carver Falls ~ Jun 11, 2015

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Today was the Crooked Canes first outing to Bird Mountain near Castleton, Vermont which included a bonus side trip on the way home to Carver's Falls on the Poultney River and the Vermont / New York border.

Weather was close to perfect with sunny sky, temperature in the low 80's and a good breeze that cooled us and kept most (but not all, as we learned) of the bugs away on a hike of 6.2 round trip miles with 2,100 feet of total ascent. Some folks were a little surprised at the steepness of a 527 vertical foot average rise per mile climb to the summit described in the schedule.

Starting on Route 4A, the Bird Mountain trail crosses the Castleton River and an extensive wetland before ascending the old ski area on a gravel road still generally in fairly good condition considering it's pitch, previous use by an ATV club for a few years and that it has not been significantly maintained in probably 45 years.

The first good views, and destination of the majority of those hiking here, comes at a bit over a mile with great views from southwest to northeast. Though somewhat hazy, we saw the Adirondacks on the east shore of Lake George clearly and Mount Marcy as a silhouette on the horizon. Closer to us, much of Lake Bomoseen was visible. After a short rest, the views and a snack, we were off again on the second half of the trip to the summit.

The road ends after about two and a half miles from the trail head with the last half mile to the summit of Bird on a pretty path that winds its way to terrific views to the east, south and west. From our two summit vantage points we could see the Mount Carmel, north of the town of Chittenden, the Green Mountains to the east, Mount Equinox to the south in Manchester and follow the horizon all the way to the west. After our climb, a lunch with a view and pretty good seating was very much appreciated by all.

Our arrival back at the parking lot found us pretty well worn out and wondering if we should still go take a look at Carver's Falls on the way home. Zoom, zoom, zoom and there we were at the falls where we enjoyed a couple of more good views. Dennis, upon awaking and seeing water, had a terrifically powerful urge to swim but was frustrated by cat tails, mud and potentially generating a little electricity if he went through the turbines of the hydro-electric station.

Ticks were a problem on this hike, so beware all ye who venture forth into the outdoors as they are present and where we were, plentiful. Four ticks were found among eighteen of us before the end of the day with one person finding three.

6/19/15 - Wanderer . added 17 photos.

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Lunch atop Bird Mountain.

Peter's head, outlined by Pico to the left and Killington to the right, sometimes referred to in the Adirondacks as "The Horns of the Devil," in this instance an appropriate moniker.

Here's what good camoflage looks like. If you can see it.

Our group today! Left to right, Kurt, Pat, Mike, Shelly, Fran, Margie, Linda, Diane, Peter, Lynn, Ed, Peggy, Dennis, Linda, Liz, Sam, Ardith (our newest hiker) and Bonnie.

Carver's Falls

Trailhead gathering - added by Wanderer

Nearby mountains - added by Wanderer

Remnants of an old ski lift - added by Wanderer

Pat in the lead - added by Wanderer

The lead changes and a needed rest - added by Wanderer

Fran looking for wildflowers as she leads the group "up" - added by Wanderer

Deteriorating hang gliding take-off ramp - added by Wanderer

Times gone by - previous sponsor of the snowmobile trail that we used as our hiking trail - added by Wanderer

Lunch and time for a quick nap - added by Wanderer

Pico and Killington Peaks and more - added by Wanderer

Leisure time on top of Bird Mt. - added by Wanderer

Looking south at lands of the Bird Mt. Wildlife Management Area - added by Wanderer

Looking NW - Lake Bomoseen and Rt. 4 - added by Wanderer

Pretty white flowers - help me out here! - added by Wanderer

Sam - just like Rip Van Winkle awakening from a long sleep - added by Wanderer

Kurt inspecting the Carver Dam facilities - added by Wanderer

More of Carver Dam - added by Wanderer

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