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Skiing at Camp Santanoni ~ Feb 28, 2013

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Of course the most difficult thing about being a trip leader is remembering the way to the destination but the second most difficult is making the decision of canceling the outing or not when the weather forecast is a lot less than ideal. A month ago we had extremely cold weather and now it was the opposite. One weather website out of three predicted mixed precipitations for Thursday- not good when you are going to drive 4 hours round trip. I really wanted to ski so I threw my skis and snowshoes in the car and hoped for the best. I was thankful that Claire, Gretchen,Ray Bouchard, Nancy, Joanne, Lenore, Katie, Jim Israel and Bill Newman decided to join me. Most of us skied; Jim and Bill snowshoed. All the skiers made sure their skis were properly waxed before starting on the trail. Although the temperatures were a little above freezing we were all surprised to not have any problems with the snow sticking to our skis and to find the trail groomed. The trail to Newcomb lake is wide and bordered with pines, cedars, birches, hemlocks... Their branches were heavy with snow and as the temperatures were starting to go up we were attacked with many clumps. In spite of that, most of us had to stop to shed a layer or two. When we arrived at the camp, Ray had the great idea of having lunch at the boat house instead of the usual picnic table on the windy porch. He was able to open the doors and we settled on the ramp, facing the lake. We enjoyed our lunch and conversation with gorgeous views. Ray, our own photographer intertained us by trying to set his camera timer and run fast enough to get in the picture. The snow was very deep and it took him 3 tries before he could make it without falling face first into the snow. We all laughed with him! We admired the buildings and imagined what life was like during the years when the wealthy Pruyn family vacationed there. The way back to the cars was even more delightful since the clouds opened up and we were able to see the blue sky and some sun. We took a quick break at the dairy building and admired the stone work. We recognized the tracks of our snowshoeing friends and soon found ourselves back at the parking lot. It was a wonderful day and we all agreed that the x-c ski season might soon come to an end unless you are willing to travel far. Thanks to all for joining me! By the way, the forest ranger told us that the camp will be open during St Patrick's Day weekend (March 16-17) and they will be serving hot chocolate! So mark your calendar!

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Canes rock - added by Fran

I caught Fran skiing with her eyes closed. - added by Ray

Katie - added by Ray

The ladies on the bridge next to Upper Duck Hole. From left to right: Lenore, Fran, Nancy, Gretchen, Katie, Joanne and last but not least, Claire. The token male is taking the picture. - added by Ray

No I'm not mooning them. This token male is doing his best to get into the picture. It was the 3rd and LAST of 3 attempts. That's it, no more. 10 seconds just isn't enough time to run through heavy, wet snow. - added by Ray

A view of Upper Duck Hole from the bridge. - added by Ray

Joanne has a unique method for putting her pack on. - added by Ray

I believe Nancy and Joanne are indicating that the insertion method did work after all. So there! - added by Ray

Gretchen waits patiently while Fran helps Claire get dressed. I believe the plan was to switch packs. - added by Ray

One final group photo. The token male managed to make it within the allotted 10 seconds this time. From left to right: Claire, Nancy, Gretchen, Joanne waving to the world, Katie, Lenore holding up the sign, Fran, and me. - added by Ray

Will you look at the size of Claire's pack. She said she was in training for this weekend's multi-day Hut to Hut cross country ski trip. - added by Ray

As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end" and so Fran, our leader, declares and end to the fun and officially signs us out. - added by Ray

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