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Treadway Mountain ~ Jun 4, 2015

Journal entry by Fran Herve

After a schedule change due mostly to a road closure for Sleeping Beauty Mtn and my yearly search for the best spring flowers and in particular ladies slippers, eleven hikers arrived at the Putnam Pond St campground. Four cars full of seniors waving their driver's license and requesting a free day permit were enough to baffle the attendant at the registration booth.

Our walk through the woods on a mostly flat trail started with pleasant temperature and a nice breeze. Several streams run into Putnam Pd and Clear Pd and we appreciated finding sturdy bridges to cross them. We all enjoyed conversation, listening to the many bird songs and admired many different flowers and ferns growing along the trail. There were pretty views of the west shore of Putnam Pd and Mud Pd with a heron flying above and a few toads croaking. It took the mosquitoes well over an hour to find us! After several ups and downs we came out of the woods and started to gain elevation. The trail became narrower and at times wet and slippery. As we crossed patches of diverse trees and with the temperature becoming warmer the air filled with the fragrance of the balsams. We finally arrived at the large rocky areas where the ladies slippers, sheep laurel and blueberries grow. We had to be careful and look for cairns indicating the way to the summit. It was way past noon and we were all anxious to find the best rocks for lunch. It was a perfect day and we had great company and perfect views! We debated over what mountains and lakes were visible from our summit. We could have stayed there for hours but since it was getting close to 2:00pm it was time to pack up. We all walked faster on the way down mostly to get away from the mosquitoes and deer flies and when we arrived back to our cars we were all tired but happy to have had this day in the Adirondacks. If no one had had a GPS I would have been able to get away with it but Jack informed me that we had walked 8.2 miles and a total elevation of over 1,700 ft.; all I could do was try to blame the first person in the Crooked Canes who came up with "800 ft elevation gain" thirty years ago!

Thank you Don, Peter, Lynn, Lenore and Jack, Katie, Pat and Mike, Bonnie and Ed for joining me on this adventure.

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At the trail head - added by Fran

Water Arum or Wild Calla - added by Fran

Clintonia - added by Fran

For you, Ray- Checkered Rattlesnake Plantain (Goodyera tesselata) - added by Fran

6 pack of ladies slippers. - added by Fran

Sweet viburnum - added by Fran

Bunchberries - added by Fran

Enjoying lunch and the views - added by Fran

Jack cooling off - added by Fran

Moss covered streamlet - added by Wanderer

Katie leading the way - added by Wanderer

Treadway Mt. from false summit - added by Wanderer

Passing thru the "Gate" on top - added by Wanderer

Another lunch (after) pic - added by Wanderer

Pharaoh - Lake (L) and Mountain (R) - added by Wanderer

Katie and Mike waiting at the false summit - added by Wanderer

Trailside pond - added by Wanderer

Stream crossing - added by Wanderer

.... and another stream crossing - added by Wanderer

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