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Dippikill Hike ~ Apr 26, 2012

Journal entry by Nancy Kimball

No rain as we aimed to fulfill
Our hike on that day - Dippikill
Black flies stayed away
And hikers would say
Dutchman's Breeches were truly a thrill.

We started with twenty - two strong
Midway -there was one who turned wrong
Did he fall off a log
Or get stuck in a bog
To get back to where he belonged?

As much as this group likes to talk
We agreed to a short, silent walk
The Caners who whined
Were surprised then to find
It was only 5 minutes by clock!

In order to get the best view
Two caners jumped in a canoe
Heading straight for the lean-to
As they had been told to
Arriving for lunch right on cue.

Composed by Nancy Kimball

4/27/12 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

4/27/12 - Ken Gericke added 7 photos.

4/27/12 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

18 photos

Vernal Pool - by Wanderer

Trailside View - by Wanderer

Traffic Jam - by Wanderer

Glacial Erratic - by Wanderer

High Peaks from First Overlook - by Wanderer

View to the E/SE from Overlook - Hudson River below. - by Wanderer

Adk High Peaks (Mt Marcy rt/ctr) from 1st overlook on the Dippikill Trail. - by Ken

Crooked Cane Trekkers. - by Ken

Beaver lodge on Dippikill Pond. - by Ken

Tom and Peter setting off on a little paddle. - by Ken

Voyagers! - by Ken

Finishing lunch by the pond...Fran, Kirk, Claire, Linda, Karen, and Ray - by Ken

Woody Woodpecker's lttle cousin...probably an immature sapsucker or redbellied woodpecker? - by Ken

Log Inventory - According to Tom, one of the staff that I spoke with after the hike, these logs will be used in the construction of a new 12 person, self-contained rental lodge, to be built beginning next month at the end of the Valley Trail near Dippikill Pond. I guess you will have to use your imagination. - by Wanderer

Lunch at the Pond - L to R at the table - Candy, Diane, Tom, Don - by Wanderer

Group on the Dippikill Bridge - L to R - Ed, Ken, Candy, Lynn, Tom, Leon, Nancy and Bob, Karen Lopiccolo, Laura, Brian, Diane, Karen Burke, Linda, Tom, Peek-a-Boo Dave, Claire, Ray, Fran, Kirk (please send me an email with any corrections) - by Wanderer

Tom at the new trail junction. At the start of the day Tom and I were told by the trail crew that the TH would be relocated and a new connecting trail completed by the end of the day. Sure enough, they were just finishing it when we reached the parking lot but we returned via a different route so the group didn't get to test it out. Being the nice guys that we are, we volunteered to be the first hikers to travel the new trail and we must say that they did a super job! Accolades to the crew. - by Wanderer

Tom with Tony from the trail crew, (he may have been the whole crew or at least half of it). - by Wanderer

Have no fear
For the ghost hiker did reappear
Reunited at last
My oh my does he walk fast
Just like a deer.

(give me a break I am a numbers person)

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