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Holmes Lake ~ Feb 21, 2013

Journal entry by Karen Burke

I hope everyone enjoyed this hike as much as I did. What a perfect day! It was chilly but we escaped the wind in the woods and the sun showed itself most of the day. We had an enthusiastic group of fourteen. Gail, Jack, Lenore, Jo-Ellen, Diane, Don, Ray, Denis, Lynn, Linda, Peter, and new friends Cliff and Larry joined me for this great day. The snowfall that had occurred recently was a surprise Having been on this same hike Monday, I was not expecting the amount of snow we encountered. But I think all would agree, it added to the fun of the day it was just enough to make us glad we all wore snowshoes but not enough to wear us down for the nearly 5- mile trek. We arrived at the lean-to and, as I was hoping, the campers I had met on Monday were still there two young men and their Red-tailed Hawk, Nimbus. What a treat! We were fascinated to learn about falconry and the process required to capture and own a hawk legally. The young bird was being trained for hunting and was securely tethered to his trainer. The bird seemed very serene and content with his situation. We learned that the optimal diet for the bird is whole critters, such as mice. This particular bird feasts on unwanted dead male chicks obtained from chicken farms. They had a bag of them! According to Barbara McMartin, the Holmes area was named for Russell Holmes, who built a mill there for manufacturing chair rungs from hardwood for shipping to a furniture factory in Massachusetts. He owned about 1,000 acres from about 1888 until he died in 1915, and ran the mill during that time. Upon his death, the land was sold to a logging company and then was given to the state for back taxes. The snow obscured our view of the remnants of this operation. Happy Birthday, Kurt we missed you, but we enjoyed your birthday cookies! Thank you, Diane.

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Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

New Guys.

Jack and Lenore

There was a fire - but they still look cold!

Nimbus and his person.

Most of us - Karen and Ray are missing.

You probably didn't get to see the Holmes Lake Outhouse!

The Dynamic Duo is Back! Is that a bag of sugar cubes for dessert? - added by Wanderer

Jonathan and Nimbus - added by Wanderer

Nimbus the Red Tailed Hawk - added by Wanderer

"You Lookin at Me?" - added by Wanderer

Newcomers Larry (L) and Cliff - added by Wanderer

A Little Bit of Holmes Lake - added by Wanderer

Across the Lake - added by Wanderer

OK- Everybody Smile! - added by Wanderer

Beaver Beware! - added by Ray

Interesting formations in the snow. - added by Ray

Hey Gail, have you seen my sunglasses - added by Ray

Peter told me that you are allowed to read anything you want to into this picture. So make up your own caption. - added by Ray

I think we should go back to Holmes Lake when we can go in the water!

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