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Brookhaven Golf Course ~ Feb 27, 2014

Journal entry by Joanne Armstrong for Tom Gibbs

Ten cold hearty souls convened at the Brookhaven Golf Course in Porters Corners/Greenfield in bitter cold temperatures hovering a bit above 0. In the morning we skied out through beautiful woods, in gently falling snow. The trail had been freshly groomed by the volunteer groomer, so the paths were laid out for us. This was a good thing because Tom admitted that he was just pretending to know the route (or he knew the route “yesterday” but not today…or something like that!). Tom pointed out the headwaters of Kaydeross Creek located on the property. Fortunately we arrived back at the clubhouse “on time” just as the noon whistle was blowing (get that Rebers?). The Clubhouse was open for us, and Van Johnson, a woodworker who is helping to update the interior, had brought tables and chairs for us. So we were indoors with heat and restrooms for lunch. What a treat! Van provided a detailed dialogue about the land acquisition, the golf course and the plans going forward. In 2011 the Town of Greenfield took ownership of the Golf Course and approximately 150 acres surrounding it, from International Paper for $1.00 (yup…One dollar). IP wanted the land to remain in its natural state—no condo’s or development. It has been designated as a park for town use and municipal golf course. After lunch, eight people headed out onto the golf course for some more skiing…fun downhills, and lovely, open vistas. We skied about 4 miles total for the day and the temperature topped out at about 20. Great day with Don, Margie, Liz, Fran, Tom, Jim, Dave, Joanne, Donna and Peter.

Joanne Armstrong for Tom Gibbs

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Photo by Joanne

Liz on gentle downhill

Donna braving the cold

Liz, Peter, Donna & Don

Twisty tree

Who else could this be in that yellow jacket? Our fearless leader Tom.

Our leader has led us into a roped off area and is deciding there is too much open water in the creek so we turned back

The gang of cold-hearty souls

Heading in for lunch

Noon whistle is blowing (not visible, the Club House is just beyond).

Lunch time

Don, Fran, Tom & Van Johnson

Photo by Joanne

Waiting for new spring tenants

Fran admires the beauty of this Beech tree

Beautiful downhills on the golf course

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