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Hudson River Paddle - Spier Falls Dam to Corinth ~ May 28, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer

Typically, Cane outings are rescheduled or cancelled due to inclement weather. However, when paddles are scheduled for sections of certain rivers, where low water can cause problems, a change is also necessary. That was the case of the scheduled paddle of the Hudson between Snake Rock, near Thurman, and 1000 Acres Ranch Resort. An extended period of dry weather resulted in the river level being too low for an enjoyable paddle of this section and the decision to move the location to the section of the Hudson between Spier Falls Dam and Corinth was made. In hindsight, the change was a good one for the sixteen paddlers who showed up for a wonderful day on the river.

The unloading of the boats went smoothly and it didn’t take too long for everyone to start paddling upstream – with the kayaks, a strong contingent of Hornbecks , and one “real” canoe quickly spread out, hugging the eastern shore of the river. Strong winds were predicted for the day but the steep, forested terrain that borders this section of the river sheltered us for the majority of the time. The sky see-sawed between cloudy and bright sun all the way, past the Indeck natural gas power plant, with its tall smoke stack, to the Curtis-Palmer hydro dam that blocks any further upstream travel. For many of the paddlers it was the first time on this part of the river and I can’t remember the last time it was a CC outing. It surprises me that we don’t schedule it more often, especially since it is convenient location to most and provides the visitor with a feeling with remoteness in this 3.7 mile section. After some lingering in the cove below the dam it was time we turned around and looked for a lunch spot. I had spotted a nice location a short way downstream and it was perfect for our needs – located at the foot of Beaverdam Brook.

Not in any rush, we had a long lunch, continued visiting with one another and spent time relaxing. Nevertheless, lunch always must end and the call to get ready to leave was made. However, before departing an attempt was made to gather all the boats for a “paddle salute” to Tom who was in the hospital for some scheduled surgery and couldn’t be with us. It is difficult enough to get a group picture on dry land but nearly impossible in moving water – especially asking everyone to take out their paddles from the water – oh well – I gave it my best try.

Immediately after the picture was taken the group dispersed again, spreading out along the western shore, back to the take-out. Some of us followed Ray into the Heath Brook outlet which was a nice treat, albeit a short distance. Back at the parking lot, with everyone accounted for, the loading of the boats was the last chore of the day before departing. A couple of us lingered and continued visiting and noticed that the wind had picked up significantly – resulting in white caps in the bay in front of us – our timing couldn’t have been better!

15 photos

Fran and Pat

View upstream

All spread out

Claire and Kurt

Curtis-Palmer Hydro Plant - the end of our upstream journey, located in Corinth

Linda has returned!

Indeck power plant - natural gas fueled electric power generating plant - source of the water vapor plume that can often be seen from some of our hikes throughout the area.

Cinnamon Fern - thanks Ray for the id


Safely on shore

Beaverdam Brook

Paddle salute to Tom - we wish you a speedy and complete recovery from your surgery - we sure did miss you today.

Ray, Pat and Don

Fran and Joanne - take notice that Joanne is in a Hornbeck - somehow she convinced Jim to trade her Tupperware Kayak for a test paddle in his 12' Hornbeck. Will we see Joanne with a new boat in the future? - she sure looks like she is enjoying it.

Eric, Joanne and Karen chillin in Heath Brook outlet.

Great day on the water - Pat, Jim R, Don, Eric, Jan & Jim, Karen & Leon, Kurt, Claire, Joanne, Linda and Peter, Ray, Karen Burka, Fran

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