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Treadway Mountain hike ~ Jun 9, 2016

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Sixteen Caners arrived in seven cars  at Putnam Pond State Campground around 10:00 AM. We knew from past experience that the days of announcing "we are all seniors and are just going to do a day hike" are over and that NYS loves paperwork and it would take quite a while for the booth attendant to register each car.

Finally we reached the parking area and we were thrilled that Thursday was a cool, partly cloudy and breezy day - perfect hiking weather! We started on a mostly flat trail through the woods were we crossed several brooks on a newer sturdy bridge and a plank bridge. At times we walked along the shore of the pond where we enjoyed nice views  and crossed some swampy areas where beautiful large cinnamon ferns grew . The breeze and cool temperature kept the biting insects away and it was a pleasure to walk in the woods while admiring the greenery and the multitude of spring plants.

After about a mile and a half the trail started climbing moderately but since it was such a pleasant day we stopped once in a while to take photos, chat and regroup. For the last mile of the hike we followed cairns through large, open rocky spaces leading us to the summit. The trailing arbutus were abundant although the flowers had faded long ago. There were signs of plentiful blueberry rewards to come in the future.  The fragrance of the  pines filled the air and the beautiful pink lady's slippers were in bloom.

When we arrived at the summit on time for lunch the sky had cleared up. Although it stayed cool and breezy we had a very pleasurable time and lingered with more conversation, contemplation and  photography of the surrounding mountains.

The return walk down the mountain, back  into the woods and  to our cars completed our  eight mile hike and the mosquitoes only  got a little blood out of us during the home stretch.

Thank you Lynn, Margie, Peter, Diane and Kurt, Claire and Kirk, Katie, Gail, Jo-Ellen, Kendra, Linda P., Ed, Scott and Peggy for a wonderful day in the Adirondacks!

6/15/16 - Scott Anderson added 6 photos. 6/15/16 - Diane Wisell added 1 photo. 6/18/16 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

6/19/16 - Margie Litwin added 3 photos.

31 photos

At the Trailhead

Along the shore of Putnam Pd

Nice clump of Lady's slippers

Lunch at the summit

Views from the summit

Sweet Virburnum

Photo added by Scott

Busy beaver... - added by Scott

Trail up the rock.. - added by Scott

Lunchtime at the top - added by Scott

Great weather... - added by Scott

Peter "sweeping up" those wandering around the top.... - added by Scott

All of about a half inch long, it's a Spring Peeper. After hearing them my whole life, I finally got to see one! - added by Diane

Motley crew getting ready for the group picture - added by Wanderer

Claire, Kirk, Fran and Linda P on the new bridge - added by Wanderer

Wetland with lots of cinnamon ferns - added by Wanderer

Making their way - added by Wanderer

Bunchberry - added by Wanderer

Wetland along the way - most likely a beaver pond - added by Wanderer

Good thing Diane isn't leading - added by Wanderer

View of Treadway Mt from the false summit - added by Wanderer

Good footing - added by Wanderer

Cheers or "a votre sante" as Fran would say

Just chillin - Kirk, Claire, Diane, Scott - added by Wanderer

Ed - added by Wanderer

Pharaoh Mt. - added by Wanderer

Mountains to the northwest - added by Wanderer

Kirk & Claire in front of Split Rock - added by Wanderer

A delicate Twinflower bloom. - added by Margie

Wild Calla aka Water Arum - added by Margie

Upper reaches of Treadway hold treasures of beauty including abundant Pink Quartz. - added by Margie

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