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Wilson Pond Hike ~ May 4, 2017

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Spring is just arriving at the Blue Mountain Lake region, wildflowers sparkling along the trail, trees barely leafing out, and black flies hardly noticeable. We enjoyed the partly cloudy skies and great shirt sleeve hiking temperature. Bushwhacks around muddy spots, three ponds, and multiple stream crossings added interest and challenge to the trail, which took us gradually took us over a ridge to Wilson Pond. We lunched on a huge rock overlooking the pond, delighted by the peacefulness, the loons and merganzers. Someone suggested a nap, but instead we made a good return to the cars since we had already practiced stream crossings and mud avoidance, and the way was mostly down hill. Thank you to Donna and Dana, Donna and Peter, Diane and Kurt, Linda, Fran and a welcome to Susie for joining me on this 6 1/2 mile hike with 800 feet elevation gain.

5/5/17 - Lenore Reber added 1 photo. 5/5/17 - Lenore Reber added 22 photos. 5/5/17 - Diane Wisell added 5 photos.

28 photos

Wilson Pond at last - added by Lenore

Oh dear, deer fur and scat - added by Lenore

Grassy Pond, first of four. - added by Lenore

Zig zag and corduroy crossing - added by Lenore

A rocky pond - added by Lenore

A rocky crossing - added by Lenore

Beaver dam and parallel log crossing - added by Lenore

Peter at the spring - added by Lenore

A pastry fungus - added by Lenore

a photo collage - added by Lenore

Mossy rocks and bare trees - added by Lenore

Another crossing and no wet feet yet! - added by Lenore

Here's looking at you puff balls - added by Lenore

Dana and Donna caught by the hobble bush - added by Lenore

Choose your own crossing over rushing stream - added by Lenore

The Donnas rooting up hill - added by Lenore

Diane wonders-will Kurt turn into a prince if he kisses the frog fungus! - added by Lenore

Dog tooth violets - added by Lenore

Last crossing, first time through - added by Lenore

Lovely lunch spot - added by Lenore

Wilson Pond lunch - added by Lenore

Lean to with a view - added by Lenore

Unfurling ferns, a sign of spring - added by Lenore

The Long and the Short of crossing Rock River - added by Diane

Fungus on fungus on fungus! - added by Diane

Lovely old green, mossy forest - added by Diane

HVSF. Ray, we missed you as much as you missed us, so here's one for you. Hope your potatoes are all in! - added by Diane

Hobble Brush flowers nearly all white after their pale green emergence from buds - added by Diane

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