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Pharaoh Lake ski ~ Feb 20, 2014

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Nine caners met earlier than usual at WCMC and made a stop at the Horicon Town Hall to pick up one more person. The temperature was just below freezing and the sun was shining. The drive along the southern shore of Brant Lake was delightful . We started skiing on the wide trail with excitement. The snow was perfect : deep and fluffy. This is a popular trail and I knew that it had already been tracked by skiers the previous weekend. After about a mile we arrived at Mill Creek, a nice wide sunny area with a new boardwalk, perfect for a few photos. Ray and I admired the contrasting red rosehips of Rugosa rose bushes against the white snow and I soon forgot about leading the group. After an intersection we crossed a nice bridge and the trail started a long gradual climb. Along the way we observed many animal tracks, an otter slide going down to the lake but no sight of the otter. These are beautiful woods and we savored every minute. As the day became warmer the snow started to stick and most of us had to stop once or twice to scrape and wax our skis. We then reached the southern part of Pharaoh Lake and followed the trail to the east. We reached lean-to #1 shortly before noon. We all made ourselves comfortable and lingered over lunch. The sky became cloudy and with the temperature dropping a few degrees the snow hardened a little and skiing back to the trailhead was easier and faster. There was still plenty of time for chatting and catching up with friends that we had not seen in a while. We welcomed new member Kathy (on school winter recess). This was another great day with the Crooked Canes! Thank you Tom, Ray, Lynn, Diane, Nancy, Joanne,Jo Ellen, Margie and Kathy for joining me.

2/23/14 - Fran Herve added 4 photos.

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On the boardwalk at Mill Creek - added by Fran

Kathy, Lynn, Nancy, Diane, Joanne, Margie and Jo Ellen at the register. Hey, did we lose Tom and Ray? - added by Fran

Lunch at the lean-to - added by Fran

Ray on the bridge over Pharaoh Lake brook - added by Fran

Lynn and Fran checking the trail on Tuesday in preparation for the main outing on Thursday. The cold, along with 2" of fresh, fluffy snow on fairly recent tracks made for perfect skiing conditions. - added by Ray

The new, wider foot bridge over Mill Brook made for a much safer crossing compared to the old log bridge. I recall a certain CC'er slipping into the ice cold water during a ski trip a couple of years ago. Margie, Kathy, Diane, Joanne, Lynn, Nancy, Jo-Ellen and Tom. - added by Ray

Fuzzy, red Rose Hips adorn a wild rose bush at the far end of the bridge. The hips were sweet tasting but loaded with many large seeds. - added by Ray

Tom, waiting for me on the bridge over Pharaoh Lake Brook. We served as the token males on this trip. - added by Ray

The ladies were kind enough to wait for us slow pokes at the trail junction. My excuse; it's hard to go fast when you take pictures. Tom's excuse; he's watching out for me. - added by Ray

Lunch at Lean-to #1 on the eastern shore of Pharaoh Lake. Everything seems to taste better when one you're outdoors, especially after an invigorating 4 mile ski. - added by Ray

Lean-to graffiti has become much more colorful these days. - added by Ray

Strange, but I felt like someone was watching us as we sat there eating our lunch. It was eerie! - added by Ray

OK, one last sample of lean-to art work. - added by Ray

Lunch is over, our belly's are full and now we have to resort to a herring bone technique to make it up the *?!#% hill. Ducks use a similar technique on land, only we call it waddle, waddle, waddle when they do it. - added by Ray

Margie getting ready to use a snowplow technique to slow her down during the steep descent. - added by Ray

Our trip leader, Fran. - added by Ray

A steep hill; a small piece of snow at the top that can't resist the tug of gravity any longer, and voila, you have a snowball. - added by Ray

The firmly attached beech leaves served as a reminder that spring is still a few weeks away. - added by Ray

Diane always has a smile. - added by Ray

Fran signing us out even though we still have a mile or so to go. - added by Ray

The 40 degree temps brought out the Snow Fleas (aka: Springtails) along with the skiers. They were congregating in a depression made by a ski pole. Did you know that they ate mites, fungal spores and bug poop? Seriously! - added by Ray

Margie back from an 8 mi. classic Adirondack ski trip. - added by Ray

The 3 amigos; Jo-Ellen, Diane and Joanne. - added by Ray

I began with Lynn and Fran so it only seems fitting that I should end with them. They are packing it up so they can head for home. - added by Ray

OK I lied. It wasn't the last photo, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to photograph this garage on Beaver Pond Rd. The remaining pictures are interesting works of art found in the yard. - added by Ray

The "Tin Man" stands straight and tall, guarding the property. - added by Ray

Photo added by Ray

Photo added by Ray

Photo added by Ray

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