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French Mtn Hike ~ May 21, 2015

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Twenty three souls were able to leave paddles behind for the day and hike instead. It was indeed a much better day for hiking! After a very short ride we arrived at the William's monument parking lot with 5 cars taking up most of the space. Then a walk downhill to the bicycle trail, a half mile walk to the end of the blue trail, some scrambling up rocks and over wet spots to get to the bottom of the hill. After an hour and a steady climb we arrived at the ledges overlooking the Northway and points west where we rested to enjoy the view. Next we continued the climb along "uncle" Tony's road to the top marked by the unusualy shaped "whale" rock. Then we walked down the road a way to pick up the old logging road that headed east toward the south outlook where we arrived exactly at noon for lunch. By then we had lost only 3 but Lenore saved the day by using her "teacher" voice to get the attention of the errants. After lunch we looped to the north to catch a view of pristine Bear Pond and then returned via Tony's roads toward the Blue trail. However the intrepid guide, which otherwise did amazingly well, did not manage to actually get back to the Blue trail. So we eventually had a short bushwhack to get back to the bicycle path. From there it was an easy walk to the William monument and the cars. Finally, since the forecast for next Thursday is for rain, we did well to get to French Mtn today. Many CCers should remember that the previous attempts were aborted due to weather! Also FYI, according to Jack we climbed almost 1800 ft total and walked 6 miles.

5/25/15 - Diane Wisell added 5 photos.

5 photos

All 23 of us on the western overlook. - added by Diane

Someone knew the name of this pretty little flower but I forgot it in 10 seconds. Edit my text if you know it's name. - added by Diane

D'une certaine manière les choses semblent très louche ici! Or, "Somehow things seem very fishy around here!" - added by Diane

A constellation of Bluets. - added by Diane

An Indigo Bunting who occupied this tree along with a Scarlet Tanager. Spotted by a Sharpeyed Jack. - added by Diane

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