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Thomas and Cat Mountains Hike ~ Nov 29, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Thomas Mountain Loop and Thomas to Cat through Hike Thomas and Cat Mountains called and 31 Canes responded and were happy they did. During a smooth drop off of passengers and beeline to Edgecomb Pond to drop off cars, most Canes, to keep warm, slowly walked up the jeep trail to the new Blue Trail junction. When the drivers caught up, Nancy, a representative of Lake George Land Conservancy, gave a little talk about trail improvements, future state ownership, and LGLC continued management. She also described the Around the Lake Challenge, special places around the lake that people can visit. We ascended the trail, remarking at how much prettier it was than the jeep road. When we got to the junction with the Overlook Trail, the nine Thomas-only hikers turned right for a lovely walk through the woods to a breezy view to the southwest. The through hikers kept on to the cabin for a sunny, calm snack and lake view. Meanwhile, we realized that two members, separately, had gotten "overlooked", but appeared later after a failed search and successful phone call. As the through hikers left the cabin, the Overlook group arrived for a long, relaxed lunch and even a nap or two. They finally left their idyllic location and took the rocky jeep trail back to the cars. Meanwhile, the twenty-two through hikers wended their way down the west side of Thomas, across a little valley and began climbing up and down the seven knobbers, enjoying smooth rock outcroppings, partially frozen pools, low-growing plants, frost needles, and occasional views to the southwest and east. We stopped for lunch at the third knobber, which offered a clearing protected from the wind. The sun poured down, conversation ebbed and flowed, but the leader pushed the group on. We finally arrived at the base of Cat, made the ascent without whining, and were revitalized by the view. The way down was lovely, but a little longer, because the yellow marked jeep trail is closed due to erosion. So we followed the Blue Trail extension to the jeep road and then to the pond and cars. One Cane was briefly rideless, but the problem was easily solved. We all agreed pairing nature and friends made for a lovely day. Interesting data from Ray's Mileage: to Blue-.6; Thomas high-1.0; yellow-2.0; Cat summit-.4; & back to yellow-.4; blue-.9; pond-1.0 =6.3 total Elevations: Thomas Pkg. lot-1250'; Thomas high-1940'; Cabin-1900'; Cat high-1940'; Pond Pkg. lot-1050' (any errors are Lenore's) 11/30/12 - Ken Gericke added 7 photos. 12/1/12 - Wanderer . added 19 photos. 12/1/12 - Fran Herve added 1 photo. 12/4/12 - Kurt Wisell added 1 photo. 12/4/12 - Jim Israel added 1 photo. 12/7/12 - Ray Bouchard added 7 photos.

35 photos

Before tackling the new Blue Trail to Thomas Mt, Nancy , from the LGLC (blue coat on the right), addresses the throng of CC hikers. - by Ken

Moss and icicles. - by Ken

View of Lk George from the cabin on Thomas Mt. - by Ken

Tom Gibbs at the Thomas Mt overlook. - by Ken

Shhhh!...Dennis 'relaxing' in the cabin on Thomas Mt. - by Ken

Mosses along the rocky descent to the cars. - by Ken

Natural stone sluice on the 9 short hikers return to the parking area. - by Ken

View From the Overlook Near Cabin - by Wanderer

Thru Hikers at Thomas Mt Cabin - by Wanderer

Rock Along the Trail - by Wanderer

Boulder Along the Trail - by Wanderer

Rough Trail - by Wanderer

Looking Back at the Cabin From the Blue Trail - by Wanderer

Snow on Gore - by Wanderer

Frozen Reindeer Moss - by Wanderer

"Peter - you told me this trail was flat"! - by Wanderer

Lunch 1 - by Wanderer

Lunch 2 - by Wanderer

Making Our Way to Cat - by Wanderer

Sun and Clouds in Battle - by Wanderer

View From Cat - Southern Basin of Lake George w/Trout Pond in foreground - by Wanderer

View From Cat - Across the Lake with Buck and Pilot Knob Mts - by Wanderer

View From Cat - Edgecomb Pond (foreground), Northwest Bay, Tongue Mt Range, Black Mt. - by Wanderer

View From Cat - Lake George Narrows, Black, Erebus and Sleeping Beauty Mts. - by Wanderer

Look Ma - No Hands - by Wanderer

Rattlesnake Plantain - by Fran

Natural Textured Glass - by Kurt

"View" the late to rise and early to bed group - by Jim

4 Intrepid hikers accompanied me on my 12/4 mission to locate a native orchid and to explore the new red trail on Cat Mt. Kurt & Diane Wisell, Fran Herve and Joanne Armstrong. You can see from this picture and the remaining ones that we were hiking in a cloud. - by Ray

This boulder has a bonnet. - by Ray

Kurt's eagle eye spotted this unique scat. Fran & Kurt later identified the source as that of a Spruce Grouse. - by Ray

Hurray! We were able to re-locate the native orchid known as "Rattlesnake Plantain" and mark its location so we can return in June to see it in bloom. Mission #1, accomplished. We left it just as we found it- covered up with oak leaves. - by Ray

Joanne Armstrong ready to hike down Cat Mt. in the haze. - by Ray

Fran Herve on the summit of Cat Mt. She brought her compass along to try to locate Buck Mt. We know it was out there somewhere but the darn compass couldn't locate it. - by Ray

Diane & Kurt Wisell on the summit of Cat Mt. Not even the mist could dampen their spirit. - by Ray

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