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Shelving Rock Ridge Trail ~ Nov 14, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

In spite of the cold weather and unexpected cloudy skies, a surprising large number showed up at WCMC. Amazing 27 +/- 1 people - hard to be sure since one or two always seem to hide! First the long drive down shelving rock road to get to the trail head. Then the preparation to get underway. We ascended the gradually rising numerous switchbacks to the beginning of the ridge trail where the decision was unanimous to go the remaining .6 miles to the peak of Shelving Rock Mtn where the views were good and snacks consumed. After 15 min rest, back down to the ridge trail. Then lots of ups and downs through open woods first passing the end of a trail to Lake George and significantly later a trail down to Shelving Rock Brook. Now 12:30 so lots of interest in when we were going to have lunch! Then a short walk climbing to an overlook with views to the south encompassing Sleeping Beauty cliffs to the east to Lake George to the west. And many rocks for everyone to sit on for lunch. And, best of all, a warm sun. Then after the leisurely lunch we had a surprisingly long down and up trek to the end of the ridge trail which ended seemingly with no trail sign. However a trail with red markers now led gently down the south side of the hill toward Shelving Rock Brook which ended at a sign pointing toward Shelving Rock Road. So finally everyone discovered we were not hopelessly lost after all. Then a 2 mile walk gently downhill on a well discernible, needle carpeted logging road road to the cars. A good day had by all. An interesting day because very few had been on this loop before. And interesting because the ridge trail was difficult to follow in spots because of the many blow downs. Thanks to all of those who managed to discover a trail marker to indicate where to go when the leader couldn't! 11/17/13 - Ray Bouchard added 5 photos. 11/21/13 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 11/24/13 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

18 photos

Fran & Tom enjoying lunch together - added by Ray

Sam always has a ready smile. - added by Ray

Fran's keen eyesight spotted the Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid near the trail along with about 3 dozen more in the same area. - added by Ray

I have never seen a Hemlock covered with this many Hemlock Varnish Shelf fungi before. - added by Ray

A close up of the Hemlock Varnish Shelf fungus. - added by Ray

Looking south down Lake George from Shelving Rock Mt. - added by Margie

Fungi-part 2. So many types we saw on the trek. - added by Margie

Fungi-part 3 (or likely they are mushrooms). They felt very rugged and leathery. - added by Margie

Fun-guy -part 4! Hi Tom! - added by Margie

Most of the Group - added by Wanderer

Time to Re-Group - added by Wanderer

Taking a Break - added by Wanderer

Carriage Road Foundation - added by Wanderer

Lunch Perch - added by Wanderer

Southern End of the Tongue Mountain Range - added by Wanderer

Holding On - added by Wanderer

I wonder if Ken know he has a fungus growing on his head? - added by Wanderer

Last Junction - added by Wanderer

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