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Cook Mountain Trundle ~ Nov 13, 2014

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

Thursday dawned damp, cloudy and colder than any day yet this fall, thanks to a huge storm in the northwest pushing the polar vortex closer than normal to our area. Energized and not dismayed by classic November weather, 17 good sports were ready to trundle on the Nature Conservancy's Cook Mountain Preserve and glad to be continuing their winter acclimation process. That is, excepting two non-conformists who showed up at WCMC apparently not ready to admit that 30 degrees is getting chilly as demonstrated by one in a tee shirt and another in sandals. After the group leader tricked the other drivers to hang out at the Ticonderoga McDonalds for a while by confusing them with the old who-is-going-where-following-whom trick, we all managed to get to the Cook Mountain trailhead and began our climb to the summit with its highly anticipated views to the north, east and south. The views certainly did not disappoint and after lunch at yet another very scenic location we were warmed by performing a perfectly in tune rendition of Happy Birthday in celebration of Linda's 29th followed by Peter passing out birthday-clairs. Very tasty indeed and which by some nefarious mechanism had found themselves in Linda's pack for the trip up the mountain. Congratulations Linda! Descending through the oaks at the summit, open beech and maple forest at mid elevation and more denser small growth through the lowlands on excellent trail, we found ourselves warming up quickly as we approached the trail head near the shore of Lake George where, during the French and Indian War, the British under Abercrombie (aka Abercromby) landed in 1758 to engage the French under Montcalm at Ticonderoga resulting in an overwhelming defeat for Britain. Not a long hike, but very pleasant. Long enough and with enough elevation and terrific views to make for a very enjoyable day for Jan, Jim, Don, Peter, Linda the birthday girl, Denis, Fran, Margie, Lynn, Pat, Mike, Candi, Brett, Nancy, Liz, Diane and Kurt. 11/21/14 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

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Candi with her son Brett and a very close friend. In the distance, Lake Champlain.

Jan and Jim wisely preparing to head uphill to where there are eclairs! Lake George in the background.

Denis, with strict orders from Peter, documents Peter's remembering Linda's 29th birthday with eclairs.

Peter countenance says it all about the day: Smiles all around!

A posting sign on the left and welcome sign on the right! A diplomat would likely be quick to note commonality between the two land owners since the signs are both on beech trees.

Trailhead prep and visiting - added by Wanderer

Regrouping - added by Wanderer

Denis in the lead ....... - added by Wanderer

... and his followers! - added by Wanderer

Ticonderoga and the Green Mts. - added by Wanderer

Looking east - Mt. Defiance and beyond - added by Wanderer

All spread out for lunch - added by Wanderer

Aah! - Jan & Jim - added by Wanderer

Looking south - Black Mt. on the horizon, Anthony's Nose to the left and Rogers Rock to the right (blocked by trees) - added by Wanderer

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