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Moxham Mtn hike ~ Dec 8, 2016

Journal entry by Barbara Drake

21 Canes headed down a snowy road to the Moxham trailhead.  The worries about whether we would get out again quickly faded as we headed up the trail.  I had to pay close attention to the trail markers as there were no signs of prior hikers.  The only tracks on the trail were made by deer and a few other critters.   The sun was shinning and we quickly warmed up. 

The view on top was beautiful and we were able to hunker down behind rocks and trees to escape a fierce wind and enjoy our lunches.

The mountain was originally called Jones Mtn but was renamed after Robert Moxham who surveyed the area in 1798 and supposedly fell from the cliffs and died.

We headed down into a short snow squall that provided some new snow.  Arriving back at the cars I was reminded of the task ahead of getting all cars up the hill.  No problem as Kurt and Peter predicted and we headed south after an enjoyable hike.


12/9/16 - Scott Anderson added 9 photos. 12/10/16 - Diane Wisell added 4 photos. 12/12/16 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos. 12/16/16 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

26 photos

thanks to Maria, Cathy, Gail, Gloria, Kurt, Diane, Scott, Peter, Linda P, Katie, Karen, Leon, Jan, Ray, Margie, Lynn, Ed, Bob, Sandy, Shelly

Through the woods approach to Moxham Mtn. - added by Scott

The first open area. - added by Scott

Moxham in view...where we are headed. - added by Scott

Time to make a photo... - added by Scott

A nice view of the Moxham cliffs. - added by Scott

Bob....or a Yeti? Good beard! - added by Scott

The lunch haven at the top...out of the wind. - added by Scott

Moxham on the way down. The clouds are sweeping in. - added by Scott

A little burst of snow on the way back. A fun hike! Thanks Barbara! - added by Scott

Barbara, our intrepid first time leader! Thanks for the great trip Barbara! - added by Diane

Fashionista Sandy sports never before seen yellow Micro Spikes! - added by Diane

A view southeast from a short distance below the summit. - added by Diane

Gore Mountain from somewhere just below Moxham's summit. - added by Diane

Barbara zipping it up as a cold breeze began blowing. - added by RayB

Scott - added by RayB

Kurt stands on the hairy edge while conversing with Scott. - added by RayB

Bottleneck at a watercrossing - added by Wanderer

Lunch on top - the brave ones - added by Wanderer

Lunch near the top - the smart ones - added by Wanderer

Aah - Jan and Karen - added by Wanderer

Looking west - added by Wanderer

Looking back at the Moxham ridge - added by Wanderer

On the way out - added by Wanderer

Back at the cars in a snow squall - perfect timing! - added by Wanderer

Ed and Gail - added by Wanderer

Viewing 74 of 79 - 2016


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