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Okay Slip Falls Hike ~ Dec 6, 2018

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

WAY back in October, I scheduled an outing the Canes have done in early December for the past five or so years: Moxham Mountain. Conditions at Moxham have varied over the years from a little too warm to somewhat cool and snowy, but this year's early, exaggerated snow and cold plus Kurt romantically whispering in my ear "Sweetums, you should consider that not everyone has four-wheel drive, snow tires, chains and their plow on yet" convinced me to move to where trail head access might be a lot more convenient for everyone. OK Slip, "right around the corner" and where we've not been in over a year, seemed like a good bet. And it certainly worked out that way.

Upon arrival at the parking area it was downright chilly with snow and a stiff breeze, but once in the woods life was good. We have been to OK Slip Falls a number of times, in all seasons, but this trip seemed to be about the best ever for a number of reasons. We had four new folks join our group, all of them wonderful and who we hope to see again very soon and often. Great additions to the group! Second, though snow to the south of the Glen Bridge, more or less, wasn't the best there was a lot of it end-to-end on the OK Slip trail and thanks to Mo Coutant's recent outing, was smooth, firm and blowdown free, providing us very convenient passage on our spikes. Thank you, Mo!

The falls always provides special views du jour which vary with the time of year and time of day one visits. On this occasion it seemed especially lovely and unique with a robust flow and ice, not too little and not too much, formed during recent periods of cold weather accenting the rock, water and mist amid varying intensity light on this mostly cloudy, though variable, day. On our way into the falls, we worked up a bit of sweat which, after having settled in and enjoyed our catered Cesar salad, caviar and filet mignon lunch, let us know it was time to get moving as chill began to set in. Our trip back to our cars was a pleasurable, easy stroll except that it was hard to keep up with Pete Wood, making it easy to think about coming back here again.

Thanks Jim, Dan, Steve, Eric, Nancy, Ed, Sandy, Jayne, Brenda Jean, Linda & Peter, Donna & Pete, Kathy & Lee, Mary & Jeff, Karen & Leon, Diane & Kurt for coming along and making the day another one to remember fondly.

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And here we are, all 19 or 20 or 21 of us except Kurt who I suggested take the photo.

All decked out with Christmas bells.

Just follow the trail markers! - added by Ed

Linda leading the happy hikers! - added by Wanderer

Lots of snow – good thing the trail was broken. - added by Wanderer

Dan demonstrating the proper way to cross a stream - added by Wanderer

OK Slip Falls forming its ice shield for the upcoming winter! - added by Wanderer

Jim, Sandy and Eric enjoying lunch in their snow nests (L to R) - added by Wanderer

On the way out – all in a row with Diane in the lead - added by Wanderer

If someone has a chance let Steve know that it is easier to clear trails if the handle has an axe head attached! - added by Wanderer

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