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Mohawk Towpath Byway Bike ~ Jun 21, 2018

Journal entry by Shelly Nevard

It was a beautiful first day of summer so we left our hiking poles and canoe and kayak paddles home and went out on our bikes.  We assembled on Terminal Road on the north side of the Crescent bridge in Halfmoon. The path goes under the bridge and continues along the north side of the Mohawk River. After it goes under the Northway it goes over a bridge over wetlands and enters the Vischer Ferry preserve on a wide stone dust path. We followed the old Erie Canal in the shade.  Jack remarked that the stone bridge abutments were remnants of bridges that farmers used to access their fields and passengers in the canal boats had to duck when passing under them. This is where the verse “low bridge every body down” in the Erie Canal song comes from. We continued to the remains of double lock 19 until we reached Riverview Road. We continued on the road up the longest hill of the day to the NY Power Authority dam at lock 7.  We returned down the hill where we had lunch at the picnic tables at the Vischer Ferry General Store where some enjoyed sandwiches and goodies from their snack bar and some enjoyed lunches from home. On the return route we passed through the village of Vischer Ferry until we reached the Whipple Bridge at the entrance to the preserve. The remainder of the trip we retraced our route back to our cars.  We pedaled 18 enjoyable miles altogether.  

6/27/18 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

18 photos

Riders at the Crescent Bridge. Barbara, Rich, Linda, Joanne, Bonnie, Lenore, Fran, Mike, Lynne, Jack, Gail, Pat, Don, Jack, Peter and Shelly

our route from Ride with GPS

Pretty little purple flowers near the start – maybe someone will let me know what they are actually called - added by Wanderer

Twin Bridges from under the Crescent Bridge at our start - added by Wanderer

Canada geese alongside the bike path – adults and youngins - added by Wanderer

View of some of the backwater of the Mohawk – I wonder if you could walk on it? - added by Wanderer

Short rest - added by Wanderer

White wild morning glory alongside the bike path .... - added by Wanderer

…. and there were pink colored ones as well. Apparently they are unwanted in your garden but they looked pretty along the bike path - added by Wanderer

Falls at the hydroelectric dam at Lock 7 - added by Wanderer

Boat just went through lock 7 on the opposite side of the river (notice the osprey on the top right of the tower?) - added by Wanderer

Sentinel of Lock 7 - an osprey on one of the power towers looking for a bite to eat - added by Wanderer

Couldn't ask for a nicer spot for lunch – in the backyard of the Vischer Ferry General Store - added by Wanderer

Canada geese along Riverview Rd enjoying some shade - added by Wanderer

On the Whipple Bridge - added by Wanderer

Historical marker near the Whipple Bridge - added by Wanderer

Turtle trying to blend in - added by Wanderer

Great Blue Heron patiently waiting for a meal to swim by - added by Wanderer

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