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A-TEAM! On The Hudson ~ Jun 21, 2018

Journal entry by Ghostwriter!

The A-TEAM! gets an "A" for the day! Our venerable leader, Commodore Thomas, hatched a perfect plan for seven of us to enjoy a pretty section of the Hudson River including a half mile section of water off the main channel that none of us had explored before. We met and set out from an access point at the end of Nolan Road, a location even Ghost Writer didn't know about in spite of living within five miles of it for decades!

Heading up river from Nolan Road, toward the Northway and Queensbury's Hudson River Park, Sam suggested we turn left and explore what likely was at one time, MANY centuries ago, the main river channel. Wide and deep enough for good paddling, this section of water was a wonderland of riverine flora and fauna both aquatic and terrestrial. After a half mile we came to what was declared the end of navigation as we might get stuck in any of the three culverts going under the Northway and portaging over it seemed bothersome with all the darn traffic, so we headed back to the river, again heading toward Hudson River Park with thoughts of lunch at Hudson Pointe on Big Bay.

Most of us made it under the Northway Bridge but turned back toward Hudson River Park after hearing a loud head-on-steel THUNK and turning to see that poor Too Tall Sam had whacked his head on the bottom of the first bridge girder. The docks, porta-potties and covered pavilion at the park began to look like a real good lunch spot and a place for Sam to recover from his banged head.

After a splendid lunch in the shade, without bugs, and long enough to finish my tea, we headed down river with a pleasant breeze in our face, toward Nolan Road. A stone's throw down river from the landing are a lot of rock piles in the river originally constructed to help log drivers control the millions of logs driven down river from the Adirondacks to Glens Falls. Jim, a former DEC employee, informed us that by spring of 2019, DEC plans to complete construction of a carbon fiber yurt on each these piles accessible via autonomously driven electric station wagons (with wood on the sides) through a system of Plexiglas tubes placed on the river bottom, affording summer visitors a holistic Hudson River glamping experience.

What a really, fun, relaxed and scenic day for seven Canes including Sam, Tom, Joy, Margie, Jim, Ghostwriter and Kurt.

6/22/18 - Joy Munro added 4 photos.

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Diane and Sam perform The Blessing Of The Commodore

Anxious paddlers await the starting gun!

Relaxing on the river.

Animals in enclosed ecosystems sometimes evolve independent of the species from which they descend. These tree climbing Monkey-Turtles, isolated in this spot are a good example.

A very relaxed and contented Joy muses "Mark??? Mark who???

Photo added by Joy

Our leader showing his best leadership style... - added by Joy

Around a bend in a small cove, a family of geese, including lots of teenagers, is having a picnic - added by Joy

Lunch done, like the Canes, they all head out for a little more paddling... - added by Joy

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