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Showshoe to Ireland Vly ~ Feb 14, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

I think the more interesting day was Wednesday when Irv and I did went out to do the trial run for the next day's CC trip. We went about a mile and at Irv's suggestion made an abrupt right turn and then generally headed west about a half mile before coming upon this relatively new logging road. At that point Peter F caught up with us, having followed our trail in from Deslolation Lake Road. The welcome surprise was that the logging road had a bridge across Little Hans Creek, which eliminated the worry about how to safely cross it and from there a clear trail south. We went south another quarter mile, at which point both of our GPS's indicated another half mile to the Vly. But getting there on Wednesday wasn't the plan. So we returned, Irv and I following our snowshoe trail in and Peter following the logging road to verify where it came out onto Desolation Lake Road.

Thursday dawned sunny and remained so even for the gathering at the Amtrak station. However to our surprise it was initially cloudy when we got to the trail head. We started in about 22 strong following our day earlier trail along Hans Creek. And within a half hour the day become sunny and pleasant. And on we continued on following the previous day's trail to Ireland Vly, arriving there just after noon, after which we walked on the ice to the island where we traditionally have lunch - most preferring to go over to the east shore where the sitting accomodations were better. By now the sun was really warming so no cold hands while eating! By the return trip the snow was warm enough that it was sticking to the bottoms of snowshoes proving you just can't have everything! We returned via the logging road to Lake Desolation road, making a loop that no one but Peter had done previously. So a new route to Ireland Vly that looks perfect for future cross country skiing trips. From there on to Irv and Eleanor Boyle's house for socializing with more variety and number of delicious cookies than I have ever seen in my life. As it turned out one of God's perfect days, a day to be alive, experience, and cherish!

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Jim Israel soaking up the sun on Ireland Vly. - by Ray

The lunch bunch on our private island - by Ray

Dennis chilling out, literally. - by Ray

Hear comes Kurt, a little late for lunch, but understandably so. He took his job as "Sweep" very seriously that day and escorted a person back to the road and their car. We hiked 4 miles that day but I suspect that he added another 2 miles to his total. - by Ray

The great expanse of Ireland Vly on a beautiful, mostly sunny day - by Ray

Lunch is over and we're all heading back to our cars. All good things must eventually come to an end and an enjoyable day on Ireland Vly was one of them. - by Ray

And so all that remains of our little adventure is a chair to comfort the next person that visits this lovely area and.... - by Ray

...the pattern of many snowshoes on the surface of the Vly. - by Ray

Don and Irv on Scouting Trip to Ireland Vly - added by Wanderer

Almost All of Us - added by Wanderer

Leon - added by Wanderer

Liz - added by Wanderer

Denis - added by Wanderer

Katie and Ray with Tom in the background - added by Wanderer

Ray B - added by Wanderer

Jo-Ellen - added by Wanderer

Tom seems to have everyones attention about something (?) - added by Wanderer

Lunch Spot - added by Wanderer

Crossing the Vly - added by Wanderer

Trek Out - added by Wanderer

Lenore on the Invisible Bridge - added by Wanderer

Cookies and More at the Boyles - added by Wanderer

Irv With a Couple of Crooked Canes - added by Wanderer

Gail, Edythe and Fran - added by Wanderer

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