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Tuesday Trek to the Tupelos ~ Feb 11, 2014

Journal entry by Wanderer

Despite a very late notice offering this bonus snowshoe hike, five enthusiastic adventurers joined me to visit the tupelo trees in Lincoln Mountain State Forest in the town of Greenfield. A shorter distance than we normally schedule allowed a later start but it was still cold when we arrived at the trailhead at the end of Cohen Road - I think it was 12 degrees. However, the abundant sun and blue skies warmed our hearts - not so much for Don's hands. There is no marked trail to the swamp where the trees are located and despite visiting them a number of times I don't think I have ever followed the same bushwhack route twice. Volunteering to break trail in the foot deep powder was actually fun, followed my navigator Don who kept on saying "Just head towards the sun" - and so our band of snowshoers did, like drunken sailors, winding our way to that "special place." The tupelo trees in Lincoln Mountain State Forest are some of the oldest trees in New York State, with core samples dating them at over 550 years old - some reported to be perhaps 800! For being that old you would expect them to have large diameter trunks, yet the largest we saw and named "Grandfather" was between 2' and 3' in diameter - their stunted growth caused by the lack of nutrients in the swamp where they call home. We made our way thru the swamp, visiting a few of the 30 or so that exist and headed to shore for a sunny lunch spot. I was lagging behind taking pictures so I don't know who located the perfect log for everyone to sit on but it was in the sun and that was all that mattered. We took our time at lunch, and all agreed that the snow conditions were some of the best in years. We knew it was time to leave as soon as Don put on his pack and on our way we went, following the broken trail back to the cars in record time. Joining me on this beautiful winter day was Don, Tom, Diane, Ken and first time visitor to the Tupelos - Fran. Peter

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Fran - Up Close With Her First Tupelo Tree

Group and the "Grandfather" Tree

Grandfather Tree

Swamp Invaders

Who is the guy in blue?

Oh - it's Don and Ken the Ninja Turtle!

Have no fear - Fran's got a handle on it!

Viewing 8 of 58 - 2014


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