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OK Slip Falls Hike ~ May 14, 2015

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

After two trips early this spring with really lousy weather, this week undid a developing curse with a day that could not have been better, except for maybe a few black flies that, though not yet biting, were pesty.

However, were it not for the black flies we may very well not have experienced a very special bonus: a Scarlet Tanager feeding on them who dined very close by for a LONG time, allowing us to take a LOT of out of focus pictures.

Good rain on Tuesday before the hike provided an excellent flow over the falls which was terrific for a number of folks on this trip who had not been there before.

The new trail to OK Slip Falls from the Ross Pond trail was nearly in the same place as since it was marked over a year ago. Now cut, it is a very nice walk.

We were thrilled you came along with us Katie, Donna and Peter, Diane and Kurt, Peter, Mike, Peggy, Fran, Lynn, Dennis, Rose, Karen, Gail, Margie and Linda!

6/1/15 - Wanderer . added 3 photos.

8 photos

Painted Trilliums are up in the North Country!

Scarlet Tanager, being a bit coy at first.

Eyeing the black flies swarming aroung us.

Peter demonstrates how to keep from being bothered by black flies. First, disguise yourself as Aunt Jemima....

....then, with one eye open, clap three times while standing on one foot. Do this and you will never be bothered.

Kurt - the greeter - taking credit for the super weather! - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the overlook - Fran looks so happy - added by Wanderer

OK Slip Falls - added by Wanderer

Viewing 27 of 77 - 2015


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