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Rooster Comb & Snow Thru Hike ~ Jun 2, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day for 12 of us to explore two mountains in the Keene Valley area. After spotting one car near the Deer Brook trailhead where we would finish, we headed to the Rooster Comb parking lot. Most of the trail to Rooster Comb goes through a hemlock forest and is strewn in several places with some very LARGE boulders. Pink Lady Slippers even made an appearance a couple times! At a junction about .3 mile from the summit, we took the short Valley View Ledge spur to a rocky ledge and views of Keene Valley. Returning to the junction, we continued our trek to the summit and were thankful for the "staircase" that appeared on one of the steeper sections (trail angels were here too!). The open summit of Rooster Comb gave us a chance for some food and views of Giant and parts of the Great Range. Re-tracing our steps to the junction with the Snow and Hedgehog trails, we headed to our next summit. As we got closer to Snow, we began our final (rocky) climb at a junction about .4 mile from the summit. The approach gave us a chance to look back at Rooster Comb with its STEEP rocky profile. Snow's summit has some impressive views of Giant, Noonmark and Dix Mountains. (I probably don't have to mention that MORE food was involved on Snow Mountain!) Moving on, we continued our thru hike on the Deer Brook trail eventually reaching Deer Brook and the amazing Deer Brook Falls. As we neared the end of our journey, we came out of the woods onto a dirt road that took us back to where we spotted a car. It was a pleasure hiking with Peter & Linda, Jack & Lenore, Scott, Fran, Barbara, Jo-Ellen, Shelly, Gail and Ed.

6/13/16 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

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Ready to start the day.

Scott's hoping that whatever got that rock doesn't get him!

No, Peter, that's not the summit!

Fran found another rock for her garden.

Let's make sure the leader knows where she's going.

Part of Rooster Comb's summit. Let's eat!

Part of the Great Range. Lower Wolfjaw and Upper Wolfjaw on the left.

Linda returning from Rooster Comb's summit on the staircase.

Looking back at Rooster Comb.

Noonmark from Snow

Dix from Snow

Deer Brook Falls

Rock formation on the Deer Brook Trail.

Crossing the elevated bridge - added by Wanderer

The trail is in there somewhere - added by Wanderer

Hi Ed! - added by Wanderer

Choices - added by Wanderer

Keene from "Valley View" overlook - added by Wanderer

L to R: First Brother (Slide Mt trail), Cascade, Porter and its slides and Blueberry Mts. - added by Wanderer

First lunch on Rooster Comb - added by Wanderer

From Rooster Comb - Snow Mt (center) with Giant in background - added by Wanderer

Second lunch on Snow Mt. - added by Wanderer

View south from Snow Mt - Giant Mt (L) and Round Mt (R) - added by Wanderer

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