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Moreau Lake State Park - Western Ridge Trail ~ Apr 5, 2012

Journal entry by Don

Welcome to winter again! I went to the meeting place at Moreau Park, was greeted by a number of early arrivals, went back to the car for mittens and wool hat, talked for a few minutes and turned the job of leading cars over to Lenore and Tom so that I could go back home for my winter shell. Not snowing though windy and cloudy with not much hope of warming up! There was a full used car lot when I arrived at the Sherman Island take out where we expected to come out of the woods, but we quickly got compacted down to about 4 cars to go to the starting point, The Spring, at the west end of Moreau Park. As many know, the trail, a logging road, goes definitely uphill at the beginning and from time to time we had to stop to admire what Peter calls PLBFs or "pretty little blue flowers" - otherwise known as bluets, I think. But after a few rest stops we made it to the first outlook with a gorgeous view of the bend in the Hudson River. Then another hundred foot climb to the summit of the first hill, down unbelievably far to a stream, and then with fits and starts much more climbing to reach the high point for the day, the outlook over Spier Falls Dam, where we had lunch, with everyone sitting back well in the woods to get some shelter from the wind. I'll have to admit that I pushed everyone to this lunch spot even though a mutiny was brewing and it was more like 12:30 before we arrived. But with a whip one can do unbelievable tasks. I'll have to admit that we had a very talkative group of 15 people that spontaneously became very chatty at every stopping point whereupon Tom usually took the lead to get us going again. I think we got strung out during all the walking phases by people whose preference was to talk and not walk, thereby showing decisively that no one does two things well at one time. But, guess what? The sun came out and it warmed up and people where shedding layers all the way down. And there were many who hadn't done this tour before who expressed the opinion that it was well worth the effort with the many views of the Hudson - better because of the lack of leaves - the rock outcroppings and ledges. Another good day!

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11 photos

At the Start - by Wanderer

First Bloom of the Season - Identified by Jack as Serviceberry (A.K.A. Shadblow)- by Wanderer

Just Milling Around - by Wanderer

Lunch Time L to R: Leon and Karen (newcomers), Jim, Nancy, Fran, Diane, Claire, Linda, Don, Karen (hiding), Ken, Kirk, Lenore (also hiding)- (Hey I tried) - by Wanderer

Looking W-NW from One of the Overlooks - by Wanderer

One-Two-Three - Ready or Not - Here I Come! - by Wanderer

Thru the Gap - by Wanderer

First Trillium of the Season - at the spring. - by Wanderer

Spiers Falls Dam - by Ken

Sir Tom Gibbs - by Ken

Pretty forest floor ground cover with delicate pink flower - by Ken

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