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Rush Pond Showshoe ~ Feb 6, 2014

Journal entry by Don McMahon

I'll have to admit that my desire to return to Lye Brook Falls was diminished by having been there many times, by the distance and driving time, and the winter snowstorm the day before. So I proposed a much easier solution unbelievably only 1 minute from WCMC. But we would not have gotten there except for Dorothy Sehlmeyer, my frequent hiking companion, who reads the newspaper and mentions interesting things - like the new trail on Rush Pond that Scermerhorn agreed to help implement as part of the agreement with the town for building the apartment complex near the Gurney Lane -West Mtn Rd intersection. So I got there because of Dorothy and the Crooked Canes got there because I also found it to be an interesting location to walk. Indeed it is difficult to go walking there without spending 3 hours walking the four miles from Gurney Lane to Fox Farm Rd, off Aviation Rd at the south end, and back. There are three new bridges, with some nice artistic decorations, on the through trail, courtesy of Shermerhorn, which makes the trail possible.

Fourteen intrepid souls showed up to hike even though snow was still in the air and the temperature was only 12 degrees at WCMC. Fortunately the day got warmer and sunny, so a good choice to be part of the expledition. Three chose to cross country ski and they shortly disappeared, never to be seen again. The rest of us used snowshoes, breaking trail for the first part, then following the ski trail for a short distance, then walking where snowshoe tracks already existed, and finally arriving at the walkway/bridge over the swamp adjacent to the north most Queensbury High School building. There is a nice view from the bridge looking north across the swamp toward French Mountain in the distance. We then returned partway to a trail over the land bridge that separates Rush Pond from the swamp land to the south and, with watches chiming noon, had lunch there. From there we returned via a now, well-groomed trail, to our starting point. Good exercise, good company! Thanks to all who participated!

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