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Bass Lake Thru Hike ~ May 7, 2015

Journal entry by Karen Burka

Twenty-two adventurers set out for the Bass Lake thru hike in the Hammond Pond Wild Forest. We started out on the same trailhead that we used for Moose Mountain Pond last year. From that point to the "B"Ass Lake intersection, there was evidence that trail work had been done to clear the blowdown, and it was a nice walk in the hemlock forest with lots of pretty little yellow flowers. (Oops, I headed towards the swamp area instead of making the right. But I just did this hike last week! I've heard that short-term memory is one of the first things to go.) After making the right at the intersection towards "B"Ass Lake, we encountered some areas of un-cleared blowdown that definitely made our hike more interesting, and we navigated around them with the help of several people and a GPS. "Has anyone seen a yellow marker?" was heard more than once! We got to the lake and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the shoreline to our lunch spot on a nice rock outcropping. Our lunch companions were 3-4 northern water snakes (thanks for the info, Jack) who didn't seem happy that we were occupying their rocks. Someone saw a 6-inch leech and mating salamanders. As we were getting ready to head out from lunch, there was talk of a snake orgy happening in a small grassy area a short distance off shore. (Ah yes, it's spring!) It was pretty smooth going on the two-mile walk to the other end of the trail with many purple trillium in bloom. After a short stop at a dam and waterfall, we continued to the end of our journey. Thank you to Jack & Lenore, Ray & Katie, Karen & Leon, Jim & Jan, Barbara B., Joanne, Jo-Ellen, Barbara D., Margie, Fran, Nancy, Don, Peter, Ed, Kurt, Denis and Sam. 5/8/15 - RayH Henrikson added 1 photo. 5/8/15 - RayH Henrikson added 2 photos. 5/8/15 - Kurt Wisell added 4 photos. 5/11/15 - Wanderer . added 7 photos.

25 photos

They have no idea what they're in for!

Lunch spot on Bass Lake.

Barb said something about trying to catch a six-inch leech.

Climbing over that blowdown can really make you tired!

I finally found a spot!

Hello there! What's your name?

Karen decided to put some distance between her and the snakes.

If our group leader loses the trail one more time, we might have to spend the night in this primitive lean-to!

Bass Lake

Dam & Waterfall

Oh, no...not another one!

According to my snake consultant, these are northern water snakes (Nerodia fasciata), one in the so-called unicolor phase (top) and the other in the blotched color phase. - added by RayH

Snooze at the end of the Hike - added by RayH

Sighting of a red-vested Katie - added by RayH

Interesting lemon merangue mushrooms. - added by Kurt

Joanne said this was a "Gnome Home." I asked Fran if she'd crawl in there and see who was around.......... - added by Kurt

This guy was in there! But not today and surprisingly,Fran didn't actually crawl in there. Gave me an interesting look though when I suggested it. - added by Kurt

It sure was a snakey trip. Here are two Northern Water snakes in a bush not 10 feet from where we sat on the shore having lunch. The female is larger and more dusky in appearance than the more colorful, younger, smaller male who it seems bested at least three other suitors swimming about nearby. - added by Kurt

Instructions from our leader and guide for the day - Karen; Please take note that Sam isn't paying attention! - added by Wanderer

Burl on Birch - added by Wanderer

Cascade on Berrymill Brook - added by Wanderer

Death by Trail Marker - support to Tom's theory that trail markers kill trees! - added by Wanderer

Bass Lake thru the hemlocks - added by Wanderer

Barbara instructing Kurt on some fishing techniques of hers - added by Wanderer

Outlet of Gero Pond - added by Wanderer

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