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Schaefer Trail Snowshoe ~ Jan 17, 2013

Journal entry by Diane & Kurt Wisell

A full week of meteorological bellowing about chilly, blustery weather for Thursday's snowshoe outing on the Schaefer Trail in North Creek yielded a pleasant winter day, the temperature moderated further by the warm company of 20 Crooked Canes.

The Schaefer Trail is named for the family who created it, are still in North Creek and who to this day play a role in the region's skiing history. Jeremy Davis, in his book Lost Ski Areas Of The Southern Adirondacks, provides an excellent background against which one can appreciate the significance of this family's contribution to skiing. Today's Schaefer Trail is considerably different than the original. Gore Mountain's expansion of modern skiing facilities on Burnt Ridge and the Historic North Creek Ski Bowl areas starting in 2008 +/- created a need to relocate some of the trail to maintain the quality of year round use by folks with varying recreational interests. Ranger Steve Ovitt, who with his wife Sylvia accompanied us on a Gore hike this past summer, is largely responsible for the section of trail we enjoyed on Thursday. Our route was from the base of the Ski Bowl to the North Creek Reservoir, now a Gore Mountain snowmaking water supply, covering roughly 3.88 miles, round trip, with 1,000 feet of vertical rise.

We enjoyed some lovely forest and mountain views, frozen waterfalls, pools and cascades. Joanne came out of the closet revealing her Rastafarian Patriotism (to which Bill later in the day converted) and Jim shared what he called a cake but proved to be a form of very tasty biofuel containing more energy per gram than solid rocket propellant.

All in all, a day made memorable by the fine companionship of a grand group of folks including Jim, Lenore, Clair & Kirk, Karen & Leon, Donna & Peter, another Peter, Tom, Don, Mary Ellen, Bill, Ray, one of our Karens, Joanne, Dennis, Liz, Diane & Kurt.

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Rasta Joanne's Debut!

Alternate ending to the Donner Party story: They decide to head to a casino in Reno.

It sure does not look as steep in this picture as it really was. The route out was even more fun.

One of quite a few little falls generating excitement among CC Swim Team members.

Google Earth image of our route showing Gore ski trails and North Creek.

Most of the Group at the Start - by Wanderer

What Can I Say - It's Joanne! - by Wanderer

One of the Steep Sections - by Wanderer

Trailside View - by Wanderer

Trailside Cascade - by Wanderer

Cascade and Pool - by Wanderer

Left, Right - Left, Right ... - by Wanderer

Another Trailside View - by Wanderer

Rest Stop - by Wanderer

Lunch Group - by Jim

After Lunch 1 - by Jim

After Lunch 2 - by Jim

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