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Santanoni Ski/Snowshoe ~ Jan 30, 2014

Journal entry by Joanne

Fifteen hearty souls set out on a very cold but picture perfect winter morning. The sky was bright blue, the air clear, the sun sparkled and even packed a little heat. Five members of the group were understandably disappointed that their Smammaling opportunity had been cancelled due to the frigid overnight temperatures. But spirits were high heading up the long winding roads to Newcomb. Once in Newcomb the group split into two groups; the skiers (Diane, Claire, Ray, Lynn, Liz and Gretchen) headed in to the Great Camp Santanoni and the snowshoers (Tom, Bonnie, Linda, Margie, Jim I, Peter, Jo-Ellen, Rose and Joanne) headed out from the Adirondack Interpretive Center.

Snowshoers were led by Tom along the beautiful wooded Peninsula trail and out onto Rich Lake, then back to the Interpretive Center. We enjoyed lunch in the heated center, complete with table, chairs, comfy facilities and a warm welcome from the staff. After lunch we set out on the Sucker Brook and Sage Memorial Trail then on to Belden Lake. Rose, Bonnie, and Jo-Ellen created Crooked Canes autographs on the lake. Joanne whined about her numerous wardrobe issues, broken shoelaces (Peter to the rescue!), and a lost headband.

Despite early concerns about snow cover the skiers found excellent conditions on the Santanoni trail. Upon arrival at the Preserve parking lot Claire discovered her ski bag wasn’t her ski bag. What? Apparently on the last bus trip with her ski group she grabbed a bag nearly identical to her own. Fortunately the skis in the bag had bindings that worked with her boots and were an adequate length. Once out at the Great Camp Claire “tobogganed” down the icy hill to the boat house and Ray joined her there for lunch in the brilliant sun. Exciting find: fresh moose tracks right next to the boathouse! Lynn, Diane, Gretchen and Liz, probably off-put by the icy slope, stayed top-side and enjoyed lunch on the porch of the Great Camp.

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A perfect winter day -20 degrees, sunny, & clear - added by Joanne

Snowshoe leader Tom - added by Joanne

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