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Sleeping Beauty hike ~ May 26, 2016

Journal entry by Fran Herve

On a beautiful sunny day the group from WCMC  arrived at the Dacy Clearing parking to find more Canes waiting for us. Some  other groups  must have decided to take the day off from work because many cars were already parked when we arrived.

After greetings and the customary photo at the trail head we started our walk while chatting along the yellow- marked trail through a beautiful forest. Although we were more or less ready to be attacked by swarms of black flies and mosquitoes we were relieved to encounter only a few. Some of us were in no hurry at all, more interested in studying and photographing plants and flowers than reaching the destination. After a moderate climb with a few steeper sections we reached the  bald summit just in time for a leisurely lunch. The temperature was perfect with just a little breeze and it was a pleasure to linger, admire the views of Buck, Tongue and Shelving Rock mountains, the Lake George area and Bumps pond below  and  take photos.                    

We then continued on the trail to Bumps Pond, walking through a hemlock grove and arrived at the shore that we followed with delight while admiring the quiet scenery . I was hoping for a multitude of lady's slippers and estimated that they would bloom earlier than other years due to a mild winter but they were not plentiful  maybe due to  the lack of snow and moisture this spring.

More easy walking and conversation with hiking buddies we have known for years and new comers and soon we  closed the loop and arrived at our cars. Thank you all for joining me for another  great day in the mountains!

6/2/16 - Scott Anderson added 1 photo. 6/3/16 - Fran Herve added 6 photos.

6/5/16 - Wanderer . added 8 photos. 6/7/16 - RayB Bouchard added 2 photos.

17 photos

A flock of Caners roosting... - added by Scott

It's a beautiful day and we're all ready! - added by Fran

Scott and Dan enjoying the views from the summit. - added by Fran

Panoramic view of Lake George area - added by Fran

I think this is a yellow morel! - added by Fran

Lady Slippers - added by Fran

Painted trillium - added by Fran

Ed & Linda with newcomer Dan and his "CROOKED" cane! - added by Wanderer

Maria setting the pace - added by Wanderer

All in a row - Linda, Linda P, Dan and Don - added by Wanderer

Lunch on top - added by Wanderer

A little bit of Bumps Pond - added by Wanderer

Bumps Pond - added by Wanderer

Time for some visiting - added by Wanderer

Lady slippers - a closer look - added by Wanderer

On of many Jack-in-the-Pulpits seen along the trail. - added by RayB

Dennis, Gail, Tom & Lynn taking a break. - added by RayB

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