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Prospect Mountain Through Hike ~ Apr 23, 2017

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Sunday was just too good a day to pass up on being in the woods for a while, get some sun, great views and enjoy the Crooked Canes. The last time I hiked from the Lake George Rec Area to the summit of Prospect Mountain then down Big Hollow Road there was a foot of soaking wet, untrodden glop snow with water running underneath it and it rained the entire time. Just sweet! This hike was the antithesis of the previous adventure: a perfect day on dry trail (except for some of the usual wet spots on Big Hollow) with not a breath of wind and four fun Crooked Canes. "Just sweet" again but with a VERY different connotation.

Though always an interesting walk, not much had changed on Prospect since the 2nd of April when I was last there, except for it being a much more pleasant day. Not even any more lost boot soles lying around. It was an especially interesting stroll for three of the five of us who had a whole new experience, having not previously enjoyed Prospect via this route.

In addition to a perfect day with no bugs yet, Big Hollow Branch held our attention, providing near constant entertainment on our trip down. Some day, "we" need to spend some time climbing up that stream for a closer view of the constant succession of pools, falls and cascades along this little watercourse.

Thanks so much for showing up on about two hours notice to Joy, Shelly, Rich & Barb.

4/26/17 - Barbara Zuccaro added 2 photos.

3 photos

Here we all are, sans moi behind the camera, starting our "leisurely stroll."

The crew with our leader Kurt! - added by Barbara

Great views of the babbling brook along the way. - added by Barbara

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