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Ben Wood Mountain ~ Jan 23, 2014

Journal entry by Donna and Peter Wood

When we awoke to -8 degree weather this morning, we were concerned that we had made the wrong decision. At 10a.m. we were delighted to see many cars turning into our driveway. We were 15 brave caners in search of another adventure. The group was unrecognizable with their hats, masks, and layers of clothes, but all were well prepared. All were in good spirits as we started our trip. We had a little diversion from our usual route, as the beavers have built two dams and created a swamp area that is impassable. We weaved our way through the woods and crossed a stream where Pete had built a bridge to get us across safely. He is competing with Peter Fedorick for the best bridge. We arrived on the top to a sunny blue sky with clear views and no wind. After stopping for lunch we headed back and enjoyed the company of all the crooked caners. Back at the house, we shared our goodies, hot cider, hot cocoa, and great conversation. Thank you so much for joining us today - Karen and Leon, Jack and Lenore, Dennis, Barbara, Diane, Tom, Joanne, Jo-Ellen, Ray, Liz, Margie,and Lynn

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Who are these people? - added by Donna

Pete's bridge - added by Donna

View from the top of Ben Wood - added by Donna

Tom Gibbs is about to test Pete's handiwork. It looked so good it was a shame we had to walk on it with our Microspikes. - added by Ray

A collection of ice/snow flowers had formed on the ice. If anyone knows the correct name for these beautiful crystalline forms please let me know. - added by Ray

A closer look. - added by Ray

Water is able to form an amazing variety of delicate crystalline forms thanks to the shape of the molecule and the conditions under which the crystals form. - added by Ray

Stopping for a rest and perhaps, as Tom had advised, a quick check for white patches on exposed skin. - added by Ray

It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh darn, it's just a snowflake. - added by Ray

Diane and Joanne always seem to be smiling. - added by Ray

As we lined up to cross the property line, Peter informed us that Pack Forest is now owned by the College of Environmental Studies and Forestry at Syracuse U. Guns are no longer permitted on the property. - added by Ray

I suspect there used to be a posted sign on the plywood square. Apparently not everyone agreed with the policy. I wonder how much lead is imbedded in the poor tree? - added by Ray

Another short break on our way to Ben Wood Mt. - added by Ray

We are on our way, ready for the final assault. - added by Ray

Peter and Donna Wood, the hosts and organizers of this fun trip. I think I speak for everyone when I say we were grateful they didn't cancel the hike just because it was zero degrees out that morning. Crooked Caners are one tough bunch. - added by Ray

From L to R: Diane, Tom, Lynn, Margie and Barbara's back (unfortunately). - added by Ray

Lenore and Joanne returning from our 6 (+/-) mile hike. The smile on their faces tells me they are ready to enjoy a cup of the best homemade hot chocolate this side of heaven, and the assorted delectable delights. - added by Ray

Tom and Joanne relaxing after the hike. - added by Ray

Margie, Liz and Karen are enjoying each others company along with a well deserved snack. - added by Ray

Jo-Ellen enjoying a homemade goodie. - added by Ray

Dennis, Diane and Leon at the dining room table. My apologies to the rest of the folks at the table. The camera didn't do justice to you when I snapped the last picture. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I tried to experiment with the settings and didn't check the results immediately. A lesson learned.- added by Ray

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