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Bear Slide Hike ~ May 4, 2015

Journal entry by Ghost Writer For Sir Thomas Gibbs

This day's hike was proof positive that hastily laid plans can work out superbly well. The notion of a hike on Tuesday was changed to Monday based on a not so perfect Tuesday forecast. A good move as Monday's weather was warm and sunny with a breeze that, with one's eyes closed, conjured visions of Hawaii.

The road into the Bear Slide was in excellent condition, mostly, and herons were noticed on the way in an who would hopefully stick around for a closer look later in the day, which they did. Departing from the handicap accessible parking area, it was not long before sounds wafted into our ears indicating that there was good flow in the stream that would make for delightful viewing. After a climb along the stream taking in all the slides, the old dam at the top and at least 5 large cairns built in connection with the dam, we crossed the stream and enjoyed a very relaxed lunch in filtered sun among the hemlocks. After lunch, a relaxed descent down the side of the stream opposite the one we had ascended on. Same stream, very different perspective. A number of locations had patches of disturbed ground. Didn't look like deer, turkey or grouse doings. What could it be? Soon a disturbance was found showing what appeared to be a large pad impression and possibly claw marks. Maybe it's a bear. A little further on, a dead stump was found to have very recently been torn to pieces, as if it were a cigar containing a cigar bomb. Not much doubt anymore that it was a bruin's tracks we were traveling over.

A short distance down a sunny woods road brought us back to our cars and thoughts of ice cream cones at the Upriver Cafe. Timing is everything and our arrival at the Cafe was at the perfect moment when we could all enjoy our cones (paper wrapper and all for some3) while sitting at one of the tables overlooking the Hudson and the falls.

A really good day for Tom, Peter, Kurt, Jayne, Jim, Donna & Pete.

5/11/15 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

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Great spot for a snack.

Jayne and one of at least 5 cairns located near an old stone dam.

Mr. Gibbs enjoying the view.

Duplex heron nesting tree with upstairs and downstairs nests occupied.

Welcome sign - added by Wanderer

"All Aboard" the Saratoga-North Creek train - added by Wanderer

Bear Slides - a little dry - added by Wanderer

Bear Slides with water - a comparison with a prior year's visit - added by Wanderer

Cascades to entertain us - added by Wanderer

More cascades upstream - added by Wanderer

Remnants of an old dam - added by Wanderer

Just relaxin - added by Wanderer

Looking west along a slide - added by Wanderer

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