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Stevens & First Brother Hike ~ May 20, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

19 CC's set off for the Tour de Brant Lake Mountains last Thursday. With permission from the Camp Read Scout Reservation, we were able to access the Stevens trailhead from the camp. The steepness of the one-mile climb to the summit was made easier by the condition of the trail. It seems that a trail angel actually used a leaf-blower to remove the leaves from the trail! (I could get spoiled so easily!!!) Stevens has a large, open rocky summit. On one side, there's a view of Brant Lake, Chubb Pond and surrounding mountains in the foreground with Crane and Gore in the distance. On the opposite side, there are more lake and mountain views and an amazing view of Barton High Cliffs. After exploring the summit and enjoying some snacks, we headed back to our cars for the next mountain adventure. Three people headed home (one whose body couldn't take another black fly bite), and the others drove a short distance to the First Brother trailhead. After going through a hemlock/white pine forest, the trail passed by some areas of large rock formations. We "misplaced" some of the group for awhile (sorry...I didn't wait at the intersection), but eventually we all got to a rock ledge on the western shoulder of First Brother. (This wasn't the real summit, which has no views.) We looked out at a different, closer view of Brant Lake and were looking down on the serpentine-shaped Spuytenduivel Creek (I'll never get the spelling right!). Peter found a great view of Pharaoh Mountain off the back side of First Brother. After relaxing here for awhile (seemed like we left most of the bugs at Stevens) and eating MORE food, we took the short trip back to our cars. Thank you to all who donated to this year's Black Fly Blood Drive (some more generously than others). It was nice spending the day with Barbara, Shelly, Steve & Mery, Scott, Tim, Joy, Jo-Ellen, Fran, Bob, Ed, Peter & Donna W., Jack & Lenore, Kurt & Diane, and Peter F.

5/25/16 - Diane Wisell added 2 photos. 5/30/16 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

20 photos

Looks like everyone is ready (with Stevens in the background).

There's Brant Lake. (Yes, the head nets are coming out!)

This proves we were there.

Just part of the large summit area.

Crane Mountain in the center of photo.

Gore Mountain still has some snow near the top. (Chubb Pond in the foreground.)

Hey...Hurry up and take the picture so we can get away from these bugs!

Beautiful Brant Lake from First Brother

Another snack time on First Brother.

The Spuytenduivel Creek from First Brother.

Another pretty view from the summit of Stevens. - added by Diane

According to Ray, Fran, Jack and Jacqueline Donnelly, this pretty little flower found on First Brother at our lunch spot is a Pink Corydalis. - added by Diane

First break - a nice level spot - added by Wanderer

Shelly and Bob on Stevens Mt - note Barton High Cliffs to the left of Shelly's head - added by Wanderer

Southerly view from Stevens Mt with Second Brother Mt left center and first Brother Mt to its right (Shelly taking a pic) - added by Wanderer

Kurt being silly - Fran understands - added by Wanderer

Starting down from Stevens Mt - Bob giving his blessing to the group - added by Wanderer

Second lunch at the overlook on First Brother Mt - added by Wanderer

Chillin out at the overlook on First Brother Mt - added by Wanderer

Some of us took a different route down from First Brother Mt - added by Wanderer

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